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April 12, 2012

Styling Idea # 404 Painted Window Frame


Did you like Styling Idea #373 – Painted Doorway but just don’t have the perfect space to pull it off? That’s ok why don’t you try Styling Idea #404- Painted Window frame! Wow I sound like I can throw in a second offer here with this cheesy tone….what about another image of a painted doorway just to show you again?

Remember to match it back to something else in the room so we get that lovely harmony effect…..try the window and doors like image 1 or the light shade as shown below in image 2!

Happy painting day!

April 10, 2012

Styling Idea # 402 Wood Stack


I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely long weekend. I wish the lazy days and sleeps in were more a reality over weekends. In real life I was busy busy and generally battling a hangover each morning. It is hard to find the balance between do nothing and do everything you can whilst you have time away from work!

I did enjoy copious amounts of delicious food designed to be shared. If you are feeling peckish (or famished) in Melbourne I would recommend a visit to either Chin Chins in the city or D.O.C in Carlton – both will make you very happy. At Chin Chins make sure you order the Kingfish and at D.O.C you cannot leave until you have enjoyed the smoked mozzarella from their dedicated mozzarella bar.

In our house we are getting ready to light our first winter fire for the season….make a statement with the simplicity of patterns created by a wood stack. Be simple or quiet, rustic or organized either way pick your look and work it all winter!

April 5, 2012

Styling Idea # 401 Rustic and Modern (2)


I am sometimes so excited when I sit down to post that I could give you all 1000 ideas. And others days I am stumped and cannot find anything that gets the ideas flowing. If I am in the former category (like today) I am literally likely to be wriggling around in my chair and bursting with enthusiasm. I will, however, exercise restraint and just give you the daily dose (Take 1 idea with morning meal).

Yesterday I started on this idea and was delighted when I found this image this morning because it expands the vision and gives you a whole new way of executing it. I love the mismatched chairs anyway because that is super fun, but using the rustic ones with the colours naturally lifting away is even better!

Following the most extensive search of interior stores and suppliers ever conducted I can now provide some suggestions of where to find these goodies!

MelbourneThe Junk Company, Used Pty Ltd, and Nook (Racheal at Nook is super lovely so feel free to ask what else may be available).

Sydney:  Check out ici et la, The Country Trader (more expensive but pretty inspiring) and Quintessential Duck Egg Blue

London, New York, Wagga…so no such suggestions. (please share if you can). Anyway this is me signing off for the long weekend! Happy Easter everyone and I will catch you Tuesday.

Image found at Today you Inspired Me 

March 2, 2012

Styling Idea # 379 Yellow Stove and Matching Artwork!


It would be fair to say that I move around a bit.

Careers, houses, cities, wardrobes, hairstyles, diets – yep I change these things more often than the lint in my clothes dryer (or I would if I owned one). You see, since I have been posting FURNNISH (18 months now) I have lived in 5 houses. Yep, I am now putting on the kettle in the fifth kitchen I have enjoyed calling home since the blogs inception. I have never understood the hype around the embracing change book by Spencer Johnson “Who Moved my Cheese?” -really other people are afraid of change?

I wonder what all this says about me? Restless, impatient, unpractical, dreamer or running away? Does anyone else live like this? “Flying by the seat of my pants” (weird saying, I know). Anyway….I have made a really important move that will hopefully but an end to this silliness and this unprofitable way of living. Long ago I said I would move back to Melbourne when I felt ready to settle down. I think you know the feeling? It is more about stillness and comfort for me than babies and glory boxes. It is about feeling at home and happy doing the day to day things. It is not needing my GPS, it is owning flour until weasels move in, it is growing a garden the next season. And it is, of course, getting to the point where you are RE-decorating a room…not simply decorating for the first time.

So….that being said Melbourne is it! Unless anyone has offers going in New York or Paris! I could pack overnight!

I couldn’t help but share this sunny sunny way to style with yellow for a Friday! Take one large yellow statement piece and repeat with beautiful yellow painting. If you cannot deal with a yellow stove think about a yellow kitchen table, drinks trolley, butchers block, bentwood chairs or tufted yellow armchair!

Happy friday y’all!

February 7, 2012

Styling Idea # 362 Windows to the kitchen


If you have hours on end to spare you should totally be visiting pinterest! I personally don’t think I have ever had so much fun. It is my idea of heaven, easy yo use, endless eye candy and quick responses from the pinning community. Please be warned if you have a job, children, animals, partners, pot plants or anything else that may demand your attention in the next 48 hours this site is addictive!! (although it is a great weight loss strategy as you will forget to eat). Ok, I am sure you are sensing my love this site.

Follow the link to the credit for the below shot or you can sign up and follow me

If you don’t have time for that (I have heard some people have jobs- what is that again?) please take my advice and build some glass windows  into your kitchen. I guarantee improved cooking skills.

January 11, 2012

Styling Idea # 344 Rug in the Kitchen


In the land of decorating and styling the rug is akin to a magic wand. It has the powers to create invisible walls where no walls exist, it can change the mood, temperature and acoustics of a space all at once and powerfully divides or unites spaces  at your request.

An open plan kitchen living is an excellent place to turn on some of this magic!

Design Attractor

January 5, 2012

Styling Idea # 340 Pendants and Mirror in Kitchen- oh my!


Yesterday I said you could hang a mirror low to the ground, now I am suggesting hanging it in the kitchen.

Well, I never! This person must seriously be related to my mother otherwise how on earth would they know that mirrors and pendants are completely acceptable anywhere- even over the kitchen bench. What a joy.

Check it out here at Stil Inspiration 

Stil Inspiration

Stil Inspiration

Stil Inspiration


  • This is a perfectly acceptable way to do a small kitchenette if you are renovating
  • Marry palettes together if you are trying to create spaciousness, if you are a bit more daring you could opt for printed shades or perhaps a feature colour around the frame of the mirror. If subtle is not your style try a bright colour on the frame and consider painting the legs of one of the chairs in the same hue.
  • Don’t worry if the mirror looks “un-kitchen-like” it is fine to use any style….except ugly
  • Play with other streamline spaces like desks or built in cabinets that are looking dull and dated.
  • PS Don’t you just love the checked chair!!
January 3, 2012

Styling Idea # 338 Rich Tuesday


I am very fortunate to be able to say that spending time at my parents house is like living in “Rich Tuesday’s”.

There is something opulent and relaxing about being at home. Of course this is attributable to the luxury that comes from not having to think too much or do too much or spend too much but Mum and Dad have really created a haven that is perfect to spend 38 degree heat days in. Without being ostentatious (this is little old Wagga after all) they are living the dream. And good on them. (For more blog heaven check out Daily Dream Decor– simply delicious)

For me this would look and feel kinda like this…

Daily Dream Decor

And this…

Little Green Notebook

December 29, 2011

Styling Idea # 336 Fabric Coloured Cupboards


Well, I thought I best pull myself away from the cricket for just a moment and post on this glorious summer day! Please dry warm weather follow me back to Sydney. I hope your holidays are joyful joyful joy!!

I must say it is post Christmas “giving” and “eating” that storage becomes a hot topic- where to put EVERYTHING!!! Don’t forget the ease and beauty of a printed fabric draped over any open cupboard…kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry or pool side! Hide jumbo cane baskets behind or clever storage draws and cover up with style.

Fantastic Frank

November 29, 2011

Styling Idea # 316 Turquoise Kitchen Stools



Sooooo happy to be back! Feel kinda like this…

Ship and Anchor

So many things to blog on and so many ideas – I just wish I knew how to use the damn photoshop software! Even the wordpress site has changed since I have been away- technology moves fast these days kids.

Watch for better posts…..but until I learn the techniques enjoy adorable chairs in turquoise!