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April 18, 2012

Styling Idea # 407 Skinny Floor Lamps


Well, we have had the skinny jeans, skinny cap and skinny ties for a while now. But I am really impressed with the clean lines (and practicality to boot) of skinny floor lamps. A design statement in it self they also can be used to create mood and task lighting.

So smart they almost go unnoticed!

April 12, 2012

Styling Idea # 404 Painted Window Frame


Did you like Styling Idea #373 – Painted Doorway but just don’t have the perfect space to pull it off? That’s ok why don’t you try Styling Idea #404- Painted Window frame! Wow I sound like I can throw in a second offer here with this cheesy tone….what about another image of a painted doorway just to show you again?

Remember to match it back to something else in the room so we get that lovely harmony effect…..try the window and doors like image 1 or the light shade as shown below in image 2!

Happy painting day!

April 10, 2012

Styling Idea # 402 Wood Stack


I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely long weekend. I wish the lazy days and sleeps in were more a reality over weekends. In real life I was busy busy and generally battling a hangover each morning. It is hard to find the balance between do nothing and do everything you can whilst you have time away from work!

I did enjoy copious amounts of delicious food designed to be shared. If you are feeling peckish (or famished) in Melbourne I would recommend a visit to either Chin Chins in the city or D.O.C in Carlton – both will make you very happy. At Chin Chins make sure you order the Kingfish and at D.O.C you cannot leave until you have enjoyed the smoked mozzarella from their dedicated mozzarella bar.

In our house we are getting ready to light our first winter fire for the season….make a statement with the simplicity of patterns created by a wood stack. Be simple or quiet, rustic or organized either way pick your look and work it all winter!

March 13, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 386 Bookcase Over Door


It seems I am always obsessed with ways to store and display books. So far, no one has told me this is a bad thing so I will take your silence as “yes please, more ideas for books!”

Gotta love a storage, space saving, stylish idea that makes you look sexy.

Insert- one shelf over one door.


  • Of course living areas and home office lend themselves to this idea perfectly but have you thought about the kitchen? Just make sure you have a cute stool for reaching the books.
  • Be aware of what this idea will do to your space- it will create a more closed in effect (not a bad thing) and can give the impression of  lowering the roof line (sometimes a bad thing).
  • Look for colours of the shelf that work with the room (bright yellow shelf, bright yellow cushions) and remember the spines on display need to be pretty and tidy.
  • DON’T worry about ceiling height- both high and low will work.
  • DO think about extending this over a the door all the way to the wall to keep it clean.
  • Finally, if you have the foresight when installing add some lights under the shelf for a dreamy wall scalloping effect. LOVE!
February 24, 2012

Styling Idea # 375 Panelling Over Wallpaper


OMG- I spent yesterday meeting some of the most amazing, friendly and helpful (oops, forgot to mention talented) people at Life In Style in Sydney. I had the most encouraging 3 hours talking to people about my *business idea* – lots of support and encouragement. Will totally sit down after the weekend to sort out some shout outs but for now I am getting all dolled up for an 11am wedding! Sophisticated for a Friday don’t we think?

So… is fair to say I am feeling a bit visually-over-stimulated at the moment- so many ideas, designers, plans going around but still managed to see LOADS of potential in this idea…

Below it is all tone on tonal however you could go to town with prints that are bright, or paneling that is in neon, or each panel section having a different wallpaper….I mean really there are endless visions dancing in my head right now…I hope you can see them all! How would you do this one??

February 23, 2012

Styling Idea # 374 B&W Architectural Highlights + Awards

INSPIRATION FOR THIS POST (make sure you read to the bottom today)

I am in love with the idea of Black and White being used to highlight natural architectural features. White is perfect but the splash of black takes these already stunning spaces to another level. When sophistication meets simplicity the result is irresistible. Do we agree? Think skirting, window frames, cornices, panels, doors…..

Source: via Sara on Pinterest


In other exciting news

There are so many amazing and beautiful blogs in blogger land. If you are a regular blogger you will know what I mean and I am  usually left gobsmacked after drooling over peoples amazing take on blogs. We post rain, hail or shine, hangover, computer troubles, delayed flights, memory blanks or migraines. So it is nice to share the love.

A shout out and thx to Kat at Dot Dot Dash (sexy name, sexy blog!) She has kindly nominated me in the Versatile Blogger Award – yay for awards. I get to share 7 things about me and 7 excellent blogs for you to visit.

Seven Random things about mwah:

  1. I was born in a small country town in Australia
  2. I ran with the Olympic Torch in Australia for the 2000 games (note- zero athletic ability is required for this honor)
  3. I used to design and sell ‘designer’ cooking aprons (but I’m a terrible cook!)
  4. I can sign the alphabet in sign language (takes a long time to make a sentence!)
  5. I practice Bikram Yoga
  6. I have lived in 4 capital cities of Australia
  7. I love love love love love all things interiors, lamps, cushions and ever-green!

Ok- fav part- who should you all read and love and become devout followers of? Here are & blogs I nominate for the award:

  1. Nicety Live Journal (not in English so I hope they understand the game)
  2. Lace and Tea 
  3. Sage Atelier 
  4. Sunday Collector 
  5. Fine Little Day
  6. Absolutely Beautiful Things
  7. Fabrik of LIfe

Want to play along?

Here’s the small print:

  1. In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
  2. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
  3. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
  4. In the same post, include this set of rules.
  5. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs
February 22, 2012

Styling Idea # 373 – Painted Door Frame


No, what, another painting idea? Yep- you know you love them. Paint is cheap, but great ideas that transform a space are priceless. Simple simple simple- what do you think people?

Source: via Tristin on Pinterest


  • Good for minimalist wanting to introduce colour in a subtle way.
  • Excellent for open plan archways (shown above) to connect palettes from room to room.
  • A smart idea for renting tenants- easy to paint over when you move out.
  • Think about this if you have doors within rooms such as ensuite and walk in robe in a main bedroom.
February 15, 2012

Styling Idea # 368 Colored Bookcases


If I had to fit all of these styling ideas into one house could you imagine the chaos! And the beauty?

Some ideas are totally impossible and larger than life, others (my goal is for the majority to fall into this others category) are for simple and clever ideas that you really use.

Maybe….. colored bookcases. Try them horizontal and near empty or vertical and stacked. Pick a colour that is no where else in the room or find something subtle from artwork, rugs or cushions to play up the repeat factor. Have fun with this one.

February 9, 2012

Styling Idea #364 Fluro Feature Tiles


In keeping with the mutual tones of yesterday’s post I love this simple idea that allows you make a statement of an un-used fireplace. Simply tile the space in a bright single colour. Fluro yellow is a crowd pleaser.

However, in unrelated awesomeness, you should listen to this first – from Lianne La Havas 

Fabulous sound and fabulous idea – and a FREE DOWNLOAD is available here 

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Ok…now for the yellow tiles 🙂

February 3, 2012

Styling Idea # 360 Black and White Spines


Well, I am pleased to say the packing was less stressful than I had anticipated and I managed to break it up with a long lunch with friends and delicious dinner at Orto Trading Co. If you must work you must dine I say!

So, after moving you may imagine that I would bemoan the purchase or any more books…ever! However, this is too smart and stylish to pass up. Of course we have seen colour coded before but the smart placement and the simple lines make this even better!

Found via Emmas Design Blog pinterest- check it out 

Emmas Design Blog