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March 23, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea #394 Outdoor Serving Bar


Hello everyone- it’s Friday!!!! Yeah. I am so excited…it has been a massive and productive week and I will just have enough time to get in some R&R and hopefully some autumn sunshine this weekend. I’m off to the Creative Women Circle Event on Saturday so I will fill you all in on Monday!

How is this for weekend gorgeous-ness? Hope you are all doing something fun!

March 12, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today Styling Idea # 385 Copper as Vase


I was sprouting the virtues of gold on this blog not a week ago and now here I am onto copper already. I am still happy to love gold but how stunning is this table setting with copper cans? Tom Dixon may have started the love affair with the pendent lights but I think we can all agree we are likely to see more of this delicious metal.

I could see this being huge for weddings!

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend if you are reading from Victoria! Everywhere else….Happy Monday.

August 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 247 Rich Tuesdays Outdoor Entertaining.


Is there ever a more dangerous list than one that starts with “Things I want…” That is so much more compelling than “Things I Need” or “Shopping List” of “Areas of the House I Must Clean”- it even has more gumption than “Clothes I want for Summer”- a list that i write every year FYI.  Can you see how dangerous that open title is? I will share with you tomorrow the list….today is Rich Tuesday. A day of having …. not wanting.

Act as if people! Act as if.

How delicious is this??

July 8, 2011

Styling Idea # 229 Dipping Pool

Um arhhh – I nearly missed a day.

BUT I have decided to solider on and make a  commitment to giving you some eye candy before the weekend! It is FREEZING here in Sydney so I hope to be..1)inside 2)warm 3)enjoying the sunshine through glass all weekend. Whatever your plans I hope you have a great weekend

Black White and Yellow
I love the idea of this dipping pool. The perfect size to have warm in the winter and cold and refresing in summer. I love a long pool as much as the next person but when city living calls an oasis like this would be just the treat for that much needed dip. Get your hair wet, feel the refreshing cold water, enjoy a beer, have a red wine in winter- who needs laps I say!
July 7, 2011

Styling Idea # 228 Pink Doors


Arrhhh- I am writing this at work as I will not have my computer at home tomorrow (today for you now)

Hopefully by the time you read this I will hopefully have a gym membership and will look super slim and toned already (12 hours later is not too much to ask I say!) That is why these things are expensive isn’t it!

mmmm for your viewing pleasure today – pink candy coloured doors!! Couriesy of Lucy at The Design Files

The Design Files

June 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 221 Rich Tuesdays – Rooftop Garden


When I am rich I am totally having an apartment in New York. The bar just got raised a bit more as it now has a rooftop garden thanks to Desire to Inspire featuring this new book on the topic. Wow- bet you can’t wait to come and visit. Seems everyone is doing it

June 10, 2011

Styling Idea # 209 Outdoor Dining


Yay- welcome long weekend- where have you been? Wow- it so nice to see you and I am so pleased I will be spending the time with you celebrating a wedding! How marvelous.

Here is to a wonderful long weekend- I will be in Noosa with friends and family celebrating a little thing called LOVE

May 13, 2011

Styling Idea # 183 Neutral Palette Hotel Style


OK- did someone steal my week away from me this week?

Somehow my Monday (which I must confess I was terribly hangover for) and my Friday are almost the same blurry day. Now, that is great that work is going fast and I am not counting the days however I am not making enough money yet to invest in the anti-aging products I am going to need real soon if things keep moving at this rate. Not to mention other “deadlines” marriage, children, richness, big house etc that should all be moving towards me…….. STOP! I don’t want to miss them by going too fast

Ok. Here are some nice pictures to slow you down. Enjoy the moment.

Amangiri Hotel

Amangiri Hotel

Amangiri Hotel

Amangiri Hotel

May 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 179 Makeshift Outdoor Couch


Arh autumn.

So pretty yet so fresh. You want to sit outside with a book and a cuppa but it is not conducive to sit on you cold plastic chairs, right?  Here is where the makeshift outdoor couch is an excellent solution for your porch, veranda, sun room or balcony.

Emmas Blog

Take 2 x mattress and pile on top of each other

  • Wrap with old sheets, rugs and throws
  • Stack pillows and cushions against the wall
  • Add a cute mini side table – short enough to keep the feeling whimsical.
  • Add cactus, lantern, candles etc
  • Buy your favourite magazine and sit back with hot drink in hand.
February 20, 2011

Styling Idea # 126 Outdoor Shower


Hopefully you are getting some beach time/swimming time in before the end of summer is on us. If you live near the beach an outdoor shower is a must for washing off sand but why do you need sand to stand under fresh running water to cool you down? I think anyone with a pool could benefit from a stylish outdoor shower- it is only a shower head after all! And it would look so posh!

Interiors Porn


  • Pick a colour that suits your outdoor scheme- brights would work well but I love this moody, cooling grey.
  • There are so many outdoor products these days that you could use to liven up the space – chairs, mirrors, hanging plants! Lovely
  • I would add a hot tap too just to take the chill off and make the shower a bit more user friendly.
  • Include some gorgeous body wash for your guests! Oh la la!