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March 6, 2012

Styling Idea # 381 Floating Storage Boxes


My morning writing and blogging ritual was interrupted today when I awoke to a text message from the emergency services (from overnight) that all people living in central areas of my home town were to evacuate due to raising flood waters. WTF?

What a shock…really really it’s horrible to imagine. Mum and Dad renovated a home only 2 or 3 years ago and you may have heard me talk about how much I love this place on the blog before! Even worse, my beloved grandparents have only just moved back to Wagga 3 months ago and have been busy making their unit a home around the corner. They are pensioners. They have no insurance. My grandmother is legally blind. What a crap story.

So fingers crossed today doesn’t unfold too badly….I really don’t want to think about what it could turn out like. Waters are expected to peak at 3pm so I will know more tomorrow.

Ok….so it is little wonder that I am inspired by an idea that is RAISED today!! Getting things up off the ground is probably on the brain. I don’t think this is the prettiest picture but the concept is excellent.

Raised cupboards, storage inside and above, artwork hanging below. Perfect for any small dining nook looking for a home for knickknacks, glasses, crockery, children’s pencils or even bottles of wine! Storage is always good! You could even add some lights inside or below the boxes!

February 15, 2012

Styling Idea # 368 Colored Bookcases


If I had to fit all of these styling ideas into one house could you imagine the chaos! And the beauty?

Some ideas are totally impossible and larger than life, others (my goal is for the majority to fall into this others category) are for simple and clever ideas that you really use.

Maybe….. colored bookcases. Try them horizontal and near empty or vertical and stacked. Pick a colour that is no where else in the room or find something subtle from artwork, rugs or cushions to play up the repeat factor. Have fun with this one.

December 8, 2011

Styling Idea # 323 DIY Storage Wall


Wow wow wowie. The number of ideas and visions that come to mind when I think about this styling area are incredible!! Some photos really get you thinking and for me this is one of them. What are your thoughts?

Check out this perfectly curated storage wall. YUM. Aptly found on Today you Inspired Me!

Today You Inspired Me


  • This images uses all white storage – I would love to see this in wood such a teak or brazilian rose wood- vintage style.
  • Plan you heights and don’t try to make units look like they are connected- the variances from one to another create the visual interest.
  • I love the gallery style paintings above- look for ways to gain height with the prints- that will help balance the length of the storage units and pull it all together as one cohesive vision.
  • If you must place items on top of the storage units (here they have used almost all white) I would treed lightly…perhaps display 3 or 4 and remove 1 or 2. Be discreet.