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October 20, 2011

Styling Idea # 298 Snake Charmer Basket- Bathrooms


Sometimes the best styling comes from having the confidence to pick something and than leave it alone. Let the design, theme, colour and texture simply be and allow the vibe of the space take over. If one item speaks to you and creates the feeling that you want try this styling idea- repeat that item. Alone. Keep it that simple and you will rewarded with loads of style in a casual restrained manner.

Try it and see what I mean

Apartment Dreams


  • Think about objects that you would normally group in threes or have as stand alone and try with two- examples include ceramics, photo frames, footstools, rose bowls, decorative jars, throw rugs.
  • Think about the simple power of 2 in surprising ways- 2 x side tables each with a different table cloth or both with a vintage lace throw in a hall….unexpected but when there is nothing else around to compete it will have twice the impact.
  • Use a backdrop that is neutral and if you feel the need for support pieces feel comfortable matching them to the theme- the black wrought iron hooks above are better than shiny silver in this case.
July 22, 2011

Styling Idea #235 Wood, Black and White



I’m moving this weekend so spare a thought for my Ajax nails and my couch lifting back! The apartment has a huge black feature wall that I will have fun with.

Keep it simple this weekend peeps..kinda like this gorgeous image

January 6, 2011

Styling Idea # 95 Tulip Chair


On the Gold Coast there is a store called FOUND. If you are familiar with it you will know that this store does an excellent job of 1) sourcing original good quality and design pieces for cheap 2) reupholstering these pieces to create new furniture 3) selling it at a premium to people who do not have the time or inclination  to search for such pieces. It is a simple concept done the world over but these guys stick out as someone who is doing a really good job. They generally have mid century design pieces and update them with contemporary fabric. I love it and I am yet to find its match in Sydney although I would love readers in the know to let me know??

Vampt has all the mid century pieces you could ask for and yet there is something fresh about FOUND. I put it down to the fact they seem to dismiss the need to maintain the integrity of the design and are happy to commit design and restoration sins such as painting wood or using modern fabric. It may not help the pieces hold value but they look hot! Um- arhh!

So, whilst we are on the topic of mid-century design classics I urge you to pick up these chairs if ever found at garage sales or ops shops- The Tulip chair was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1955 (read more here) and works wonderfully on its own or updated with a fresh printed cushion. No sins required.

Tulip Chairs

Tulip Chair- One Hour


  • Given the smooth clean “modern lines” of this piece (it was considered space age in the 50’s so you can imagine why Star Trek actually popularized the design) this chair works well both round and angular table shapes.
  • Work with different fabrics to create a pop of colour- the top image has different prints which looks great or pick one print that you love.
  • I wouldn’t colour block with upholstery unless you are after that Austin Powers vibe – if it is not all white I think the cushion needs a bit of a print to make it look fresh.
  • Don’t forget you can use the complimenting table (see middle image) if you want a compact and authentic setting.
  • As these are not likely to be a cheap investment (chances of garage sale finds are slim to none) you could use these as a row along one side balanced out with a different chair opposite. I wouldn’t use these as alternating chairs- keep them lined up and together where possible.
  • Finally I would like to draw your attention to the incredible use of colours in the last image. One of the great elements of this room is the dark walls that allow the silhouette of the chair to really pop. Even if you have just two of these chairs and want to create an impact I would place them against a back drop of a strong bold block colour and allow the design excellence to speak for itself.
December 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 89 Benchseat Entrance


Arrrhhh it’s the weekend (nearly) and what happens at the weekend? Well one of two things that involve the entrance of your home.

1) You either arrive home and dump your worries from the week at your front door and put your feet up.

2) You pack yourself a bag of goodies turn on the alarm and head out and about to see the world- either way it starts or finishes in your entrance- so make it pretty.


  • IMPORTANT! Making an impact in this small space is simple – you don’t have to over think it- just make sure you don’t neglect it all together!
  • I love the use of a smart stripe and a floral print to add some personality – if the fabric on the bench seat turns old in years to come you will still love the stripes and can update quickly and easily.
  • One of the best ways to use this idea is if you enter your home into a wide open plan space – creating an entrance area will provide a sense of breaks in the space and allocated areas for each activity.
  • Help keep this clutter free with a hat stand, coat rack or some clever storage boxes- its inevitable that you will place things in this spot so give them a designated home.
  • This bench seat doesn’t have to be very wide so you have a narrow tricky space this will work well.
  • If you are short on storage consider adding some boxes under the bench or use a covered shoe box in the same way.
  • If you don’t want to introduce a patterned seat (which is exactly why I love this shoot- but horses for courses) try a lovely long rustic wooden bench.
  • For those regular readers this is a similar idea as Styling Idea # 11 Shoe Seat – but easier to do today and change tomorrow!

Happy weekend 😉 I hope something wonderful happens

December 16, 2010

Styling Idea # 88 Wall Runner with Print


Mmmm I think I have provided enough reading material these past couple of days- how about just one really good idea today?



  • Take a small runner or a scarf in a pretty print (stripes, florals, abstract, geometric- whatever) hang vertically down the length of a wall- create artwork gallery of one or more pieces of quaint prints.
  • Place chair in front or a stack of old suitcases or a side table with reading light.

Easy done brilliance.




December 15, 2010

Styling Idea # 87 Tiles with Style


When you are in style land you meet lots of people and lots of people doing amazing things. I am always mega jealous and impressed when I meet peeps who are young guns. (Where did all the Under-Aged Over Achievers come from?). Surely these people need to go overseas and get drunk for a year, loose their identity, their heart, their perspective, their favourite jackets and find it all just in time to be on the right side of 30? No? Just me? Ok.

One of these clever peoples is the lovely Renee Anne- check out this clever illustrator/ stylist/business owner/tweeter/blogger/partner of Finders Keepers here. It is because of her that found this awesome kit for Pom Poms – remember when i did the post for the nursery Styling Idea #54? Yep – now you can buy a kit!

What does this have to do with my styling idea??? Not a thing.


  • Obviously I am not advocating building a cafe size bar in your house but I am saying that having a little think about the tiles in your space can make a HUGE difference!
  • This floor is simply magnificent and should be used in an entrance, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living area or any other space that you desire- I love them.
  • Follow this up with my favourite white tile effect of the moment- brick patterned rectangle tiles with dark grout! mmmmm
  • Insert mirrors, indoor plants, cool stools (covered in vinyl for effect), glass shelves, bentwood chairs and a beer tap and you would have my idea of a heaven.


December 14, 2010

Styling Idea # 86 Shelves Above Furniture


Short on space? Big on books and frames?

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine


  • Going north is such an excellent styling idea that creates a sense of “spaciousness” and “cosiness” at the same time. By using the areas above the space you are occupying with furniture you free up floor space.
  • Try this idea above a booth seat in a kitchen – a clever space for cookbooks, serving platters and glasses you may wish to display.
  • Try this idea above a bed with built in under lights and clever sliding doors and nooks and crannies. Think you are designing a gorgeous caravan- where everything is in arms reach.
  • What about trying this above a bath and using calming images, candles and folded towels- just because it is tiles doesn’t mean it needs to look borning.
  • I love the 1990’s feel of the white cushions and sunflowers! I made a prediction to some friends of mine that sunflowers will make a comeback- am I too early to suggest??
  • DON’T do this idea and leave the rest of the space too bare- if you need to fill other walls do them first and than you can go north.
  • The shelves do not need to be a commitment or a large built in job- floating shelves will look perfect and can bought at your hardware store.

Whilst I am promoting images from Lonny I should remind you that the next issues is available from the Australian online magazine Adore it is great to see an Australian magazine embracing the online world. What is also great is the number of lovely local designers and bloggers advertising in the mag including Terrace Outdoor Living (be sure to check out their new pop up store while it lasts) Ada and Darcy and one of my favorites Black and Spiro (Anna Spiro has the most amazing eye!!) Okay- those links should take you up to morning tea break. Enjoy

November 25, 2010

Styling Idea # 73 Outdoor used Furniture Indoors


I am a huge fan of indoor furniture being used outside. I have just booked festival tickets for new years (no, I am not too old) and I think I might take a couch, a coffee table, a rug, a few bean bags and a some lamps for my camping site (be sure to look out for photos if I actually pull that off!). However the reverse can be super clever and quirky – check this out.

Apartment Therapy

Interior Decline

The Beautiful Soup


  • What do you have gathering cobwebs in your garage or on your front porch? Clean it up, paint it up and bring in for some love.
  • Look for pieces that are an interesting shape or texture.
  • If people cannot see the potential of outdoor pieces are second hand stores and garage sales you might be in luck!
  • Think about comfort factor- are you really using it for sitting or is a statement piece.
  • Don’t leave the gnomes outside alone- they should come in too!
November 8, 2010

Styling Idea # 61 Wood and Steel Kitchen


I had the absolute pleasure of seeing a perfect apartment on the weekend. I was lucky enough to be invited for a drink and was treated to a delicious dinner in this special place. What made it the perfect apartment? Well, it was packed full with amazing styling ideas (there will be a post on these once we sync cameras and diaries – you should be excited) but it was also a real home. Expensive pieces, eBay pieces, art, travel momentos, music, food and don’t even get me started on the location. So jealous.

Anyway it really got me thinking what would my ultimate style be like if I had a place of my own and the income to make it happen. You are always making compromises either as a renter, for a partner, a flatmate or you are “kidding yourself that it doesn’t look like it is from ikea” ….one day I look forward to having carte blanch on a place chockers with personality.

I think I would like this kitchen (PS this is a big call- picking one kitchen and saying this the one! It will be interesting to see if I still love this when I have the money to do it!)


  • I love the use of rustic wooden beams and benches with the amazing stainless steel fridge.
  • I also love that the people sitting at the table are right there and ready to be served to – it looks nice and intimate.
October 14, 2010

Styling Idea # 46 Sofa Bedend


Really, are Parisians just better at making everything look stylish? Already we envy their fashion, their capital, their food, their figures and now I am feeling very inadequate with my white doona cover and velvet lounge (same combo- completely different result). Not only are the pieces exquisite they are styled with such ease.


New Paris Interiors



  • Move to Paris.

Have a great day