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February 28, 2012

Styling Idea # 376 Style Up the Mattress!


I missed a day yesterday.

A total DNP (Did Not Post). Sorry. And as for today, I am totally exhausted, fighting the flu and succumbing to the lolling sound of the rain……..zzzzzz.

Anyway….welcome back and thanks for your patience. I found this little gem and thought “Arhh Haa! How clever!” Hope it makes up for it.

What to do when you have a spare room that needs a little something? A space that people could sleep if needed, a space that looks as smart as the rest of your stylish home, a space that says “Hey, don’t use me as a junk room…I demand respect!” I say you style up a mattress!

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


  • I personally adore the smart, clean lines of the long skinny cushions!
  • However if you are feeling suitably boho and lo-lo (to the ground) adding some Moroccan, Tibetan or Spanish flavored cushions would be spicy and delicious.
  • Yes, add the rug, yes, create a makeshift side table for glasses of water, magazines and a guest soap
  • Yes, hang the wall prints above at a height that works with the low proportions. Anyone caught hanging too high will be disappointed.
  • DO use a thick, quality fitted white sheet (or two) that is not going to show through any nana flowers prints underneath (You may also wish to consider other suitable colours such as grey, linen or navy)
  • If you have a bed and base (mattress with a base support) you could remove the wheels and create a similar look.
  • DON’T ignore this special space when visitors are away – day beds are a fabulous retreat.
  • PS- don’t you just love the way these prints are hung?????
February 9, 2012

Styling Idea #364 Fluro Feature Tiles


In keeping with the mutual tones of yesterday’s post I love this simple idea that allows you make a statement of an un-used fireplace. Simply tile the space in a bright single colour. Fluro yellow is a crowd pleaser.

However, in unrelated awesomeness, you should listen to this first – from Lianne La Havas 

Fabulous sound and fabulous idea – and a FREE DOWNLOAD is available here 

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Ok…now for the yellow tiles 🙂

December 1, 2011

Styling Idea # 318 Runner Along Bed


After a dreamy, long sleep listening to the sound of rain I was lucky enough to sleep in today as I don’t start until 10am! Gotta love a mid week late start. Although it does afford you the extra time to do good things, like exercise, I opted for the extra good things, like pancakes. I thought this little story had a nice link with the play on word title of this post “Runner along bed” – kinda doesn’t make sense until you see the picture.

One Hour


  • The beauty of this styling idea is creates the illusion of two things- 1- extra space. 2- segregation. Both of which are excellent things to achieve in the smallish spaces that are bedrooms.
  • You have two options- go with the palette of the room for a neutral streamline look or inject a new colour or pattern for fun.
  • I love that your eye is drawn to the dresser and mirror- don’t let this idea run to no mans land- have a destination at the end.
October 13, 2011

Styling Idea # 294 Go KooKoo for Kikki


I am sorry to be a copy blogger today however when I read on The Design Files that it was Kikki K’s 10th birthday I was so proud. Retail and design in this country are all hard concepts to get off the ground but staying alive for like TEN YEARS is really something else altogether. We are all aware of the “buy factor” of these amazing products- today in celebration I ask you to think about styling factor. Be inspired to be organised and enjoy the structure lines and clean palettes.

Be sure to head over the The Design Files to have a read about the lady behind the success!

The Design Files

August 17, 2011

Styling Idea # 253 Square Prints


I finished my photography course last night – such a sad thing for it to be over! I really want to go back and do it all over again- very inspiring, I learnt loads and was very impressed with some of the final submission images. Must. Keep. Shooting.

An idea I love is symmetrical square prints hang together of retro homes. Let me explain.

Images displayed like this….

{room} by sophie

Of photos like this….

Simple Blue Print


  • Keep your images bright, your backgrounds white and your frames light.
  • Keep the space and surrounding areas clean on the wall so these pop as a feature
  • If you cannot get to (Florida during 1984?) anytime soon look for old architecture books and cut out images to create your own story
  • Palm trees will keep the retro/beachy nod.

Enjoy your Wednesday

May 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 181 Embrodied Bedheads


Arrhh, don’t you love clever little ideas that you have never seen before?

Down and Out Chic


  • Try to be creative and not naff- don’t put your names above your head whatever you do!
  • Think about kids rooms with their favourite sayings or character references – if it is a slip cover (like a dining chair) you can update easy enough
  • What about on a guest bedhead…poetry, quotes on sleep
  • For your guest use little notes like “sleep in..breakfast is served all day here” or Life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets.
  • If you must use it a quirky line between you and your partner keep it light hearted and nonchalant and keep the writing small- something like (this is advice from my friends grandmother) “Always make sure your toes touch before you go to sleep”….too cute.
April 19, 2011

Styling Idea # 167 Old world shapes- New finish


One of my favourite ways to create an impact with style is to surprise. Something that is not expected- an update on a classic a twist on a shape and mix it together with incredible flair.

Sweet Home Style


  • OK- look for old shapes in lounges, chairs and bedheads- cover with a plain fabric where there would have been prints and floral.
  • Look for clean lines in furniture and mix with ornate lamps, lace, dollies.
  • Mix together on a palette that is fresh and unique- don’t be tempted to add too many colours- just use classics in a new way.
  • Voila!
April 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 161 Artwork on the Floor


I went to a party last night in never never land! Well, obviously it was just Sydney but I have never never seen a house like it. The space is a commercial space that is designed to be an art studio but three loving flat mates have created a magical and mythical space that feels one part art gallery, one part home, one part restaurant and one part concept store. Highlights include a wall made from bales of hay, lightbox tables that cast soft glows, a life size ostrich sculpture, a floating room accessed via milk crates and a light sculpture made from glass beads that like looked a clothes line. The light was soft and dimmed and you immediatley felt that you had left behind the city and the 2hour traffic which made my arrival scattered and stressful. Arrrhhh pour yourself a glass of wine!

So this post doesn’t really cut (I tried to capture hipsamatic shoot with my phone) and this photo is dull and boring in comparison- I really just wanted something that shows that can scatter artwork everywhere and anyway you please- including the floor.


Emma's Design Blog


  • Layer and pile your art against each other- some on walls, some on stairs, some on floating shelves. Build it up and create a multi-layered story of images that you love!
February 17, 2011

Styling Idea #124 Coloured Light Bulbs


I have such vivid memories of my pop’s BBQ area when I was little. The thatched roof hut with bright multi-coloured bulbs was the height of 80’s outdoor trends. As a kid the colours of the bulbs was the source of so many games and seeing these today makes me want to have a sausage in bread!

Scandanvia With Love


  • Although they would look fabulous and retro outside why not bring them inside?
  • The combined colour of the light they create is very warm so suited to warming up clean lines and modern whites.
  • Be careful that they don’t look Christmas like!
February 14, 2011

Styling Idea # 121 Visitor Chairs


I hope you will forgive me for doing a short post today- the weekend of birthday festivities has left me a bit rushed, exhausted and probably late for work! I have so much to share from an amazing weekend but not enough time to squeeze it into this post. I was so spolit and one of the lovely gifts I received was The Story of Eames furniture! An incredible double book collectors package that I cannot wait to devour. Most will recognize the married couples work from the famous lounge chair with ottoman but (as I am about to discover) there is so much more.

Here is an iconic white DSW chair used a visitor chair in this sleek and stylish room.

DESIGN QUESTION? – Can anyone tell me if the DSW is in fact a replica- I thought that Vitra manufactured the Dining Height Side Chair with wooden legs and the DSX had a lower cross section? Also- I know that is of course a Featherstone in the grey upholstered fabric but I cannot remember the name? Bonus points if you can help me out??


  • I love that the chairs sit in front of the television as if to say that it is not the most important element in the room. I think we get precious about styling for viewing TV and realistically I think that is a bit sad- there is more the life than the big black rectangle and the crap that is on it!
  • All the elements have been held together with the rug- two small chairs would appear floating in space if they were not given this dimension.
  • If you are keen to give this idea a go be very simple with your colour palette- take it from the Scandinavians and use teak, black and white and maybe a touch of grey.