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April 13, 2012

Styling Idea # 405 Ercol Purchase (Excitement)


I see a lot of furniture. A lot of lamps, chairs, sofas and tables. I used to work at Vampt Vintage surrounded by simply the best Scandinavian designs in the world and yet I had not encountered real life Ercol. Founded in 1920 in England this remarkable furniture house has produced quality craftsmanship for almost a century.

You may already be familiar with some of the originals that are back in production in a new colour palette?

Ercol Originals

I am pleased to say I am now the proud owner of a set of four Ercol dining chairs. My new purchase (how exciting) was a super find from Red Rider in St Kilda (thanks to Josh for the excellent service). The design I fell in love with is a little more retro dating from the 1960’s however they feel very shaker in their simple aesthetic would you agree? Whilst I am not sure these are collectable at the moment I do not intend to re-sell anytime soon so I don’t mind a bit. They are in original condition (Ercol stickers in tack) and have delicious retro fabric covers. The million dollar question is would I ever paint them???

Ercol 1960's Dining Chair

Have a great weekend everyone! If you happen to find an Ercol love seat anywhere give me a call…..I think I might start a collection.

December 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 337 Clear Console OVER Table


It is now 9:30pm and I am drafting what will be officially my latest post. Let me tell what I learnt today….

  1. The value of “everything has a place and there is a place for everything” is my idea of heaven and the perfect antidote to cleaning
  2. Cleaning is a full time job x 2
  3. If you give yourself a deadline or “time splits” for each room you will be able to clean for hours
  4. Music is your friend and everything is a microphone when you have a tea towel over your shoulder!!
  5. The best part about cleaning is a glass of wine with friends at the end of the day!

Ok..something pretty to look at for everyone who has missed a day…how  about a clear console over your retro inspired or unique shaped cabinet? I love this idea of layering images, tables and ghost-created heights!!!

Try this over girly dressing tables, retro drink trays, the end of a “space squeezed” dining table (push the table to the wall and create your own condiments tray with drinking glasses and flowers to boot), over a towel rack in the bathroom to create a clean space for a mirror and knacks….any other ideas people??

Black White and Yellow

December 29, 2011

Styling Idea # 336 Fabric Coloured Cupboards


Well, I thought I best pull myself away from the cricket for just a moment and post on this glorious summer day! Please dry warm weather follow me back to Sydney. I hope your holidays are joyful joyful joy!!

I must say it is post Christmas “giving” and “eating” that storage becomes a hot topic- where to put EVERYTHING!!! Don’t forget the ease and beauty of a printed fabric draped over any open cupboard…kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry or pool side! Hide jumbo cane baskets behind or clever storage draws and cover up with style.

Fantastic Frank

April 7, 2011

Styling Idea # 159 Retro Wallpaper Bulkhead


A friend of mine took me to the cutest little restaurant last night- who in Sydney is familiar with the Soup Kitchen? I am sure this is an Oxford St institution and I am late to the game. Why aren’t there more places with an array of soups, bangers and mash or fish fingers on the menu with change from $10 and open late at night. The best thing about living in Sydney is discovering new places and it is always important to know where to go for old fashion fish fingers!


  • These amazing retro images are just wonderful to look at! Who ever would have thought these looked stylish? The beauty of retro images is finding the elements that stand alone as excellent styling ideas
  • Wallpapered bulkheads
  • Hanging plants
  • Eames inspired chairs
  • I love the bulkhead in the second image coming over the table! It looks like it might be lit! Wow!!
March 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 145 Mirrored Bar


I went to a fabulous bar last night in Sydney. For the locals you will be well familiar with Sticky Bar. A hidden away bar above the ever popular Table for 20- seriously worth the visit. This is the type of bar that is hard to find (Melbourne style) dark and cosy (Melbourne style) cooking paella in the middle of the room for everyone to take a bowl full (Spanish style) and has some of the best service I have ever experienced anywhere (Impeccable style). PS don’t be put off by any entrance rules- ie last night I had to text message “Why Am I?” to a random number and wait to be welcomed! This is not pretentious rather a wonderful way to make sure you are personally greeted and escorted upstairs where you will be served by the best (and the best looking I must say!!)

Here is the link if you want to add it to your to do list- Sticky Bar.

Hotel Bel Ami Rue Saint


  • I would encourage you all to install a home bar! Add mirrors, pendent lights and mosaic tiles for true chic- but keep the lighting low and the wine flowing!

Enjoy your weekend!!

February 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 132 Floating Cupboards


I love a retro idea that is totally practical. Mini on space (for where you don’t have a lot)- excellent on storage and keeping your keepsakes happy!

Desire to Inspire


  • Buy one
  • Hang it on the wall
  • Sit back knowing you are cooler than most

For similar styles try Great Dane Furniture, Vampt Vintage or the amazing stores on Botany Rd if you are Sydney based. Tell them what you want- they may just be in storage somewhere waiting for a home on your wall.

February 25, 2011

Styling Idea #131 Indoor Garden



India Maldhive


  • Don’t be afraid to frame external doors with lush indoor plants!
  • Create a nook by keeping them close together and defining the space
  • Use two chairs to create a conversation point or a small table for wine and playing scrabble!
  • Plant wallpaper optional but oh so cool!
  • yes it helps to have incredible windows but you would be surprised what a plant based frame can do.
  • If you don’t want to have large potted plants go with the hanging variety- one either side of the door! Nice
February 17, 2011

Styling Idea #124 Coloured Light Bulbs


I have such vivid memories of my pop’s BBQ area when I was little. The thatched roof hut with bright multi-coloured bulbs was the height of 80’s outdoor trends. As a kid the colours of the bulbs was the source of so many games and seeing these today makes me want to have a sausage in bread!

Scandanvia With Love


  • Although they would look fabulous and retro outside why not bring them inside?
  • The combined colour of the light they create is very warm so suited to warming up clean lines and modern whites.
  • Be careful that they don’t look Christmas like!
February 14, 2011

Styling Idea # 121 Visitor Chairs


I hope you will forgive me for doing a short post today- the weekend of birthday festivities has left me a bit rushed, exhausted and probably late for work! I have so much to share from an amazing weekend but not enough time to squeeze it into this post. I was so spolit and one of the lovely gifts I received was The Story of Eames furniture! An incredible double book collectors package that I cannot wait to devour. Most will recognize the married couples work from the famous lounge chair with ottoman but (as I am about to discover) there is so much more.

Here is an iconic white DSW chair used a visitor chair in this sleek and stylish room.

DESIGN QUESTION? – Can anyone tell me if the DSW is in fact a replica- I thought that Vitra manufactured the Dining Height Side Chair with wooden legs and the DSX had a lower cross section? Also- I know that is of course a Featherstone in the grey upholstered fabric but I cannot remember the name? Bonus points if you can help me out??


  • I love that the chairs sit in front of the television as if to say that it is not the most important element in the room. I think we get precious about styling for viewing TV and realistically I think that is a bit sad- there is more the life than the big black rectangle and the crap that is on it!
  • All the elements have been held together with the rug- two small chairs would appear floating in space if they were not given this dimension.
  • If you are keen to give this idea a go be very simple with your colour palette- take it from the Scandinavians and use teak, black and white and maybe a touch of grey.
January 12, 2011

Styling Idea # 99 Retro Lounge in Kids Room


I am so excited to have recently received a baby shower invitation from one of my readers! (This reader is an old friend not a stalker) How exciting- it seems I will be welcoming so many babies in the next three months from my wonderful girlfriends. So as I pin up the invitation I will make my last post in the double digits (EVER) on a nursery idea.

From Scandinavia With Love


  • Okay so everyone loves an upholstered retro chair but where does their petite size actually look any good in our era of oversized/overstuffed lounges and modulars? Somewhere else where little things are in perfect proportion- a kids room or nursery.
  • Pick a colour that pops and creates an impact in the room or be bold and select a junior print- you can always have it reupholstered for the hall when they grow older – or pass it on as a perfect family heirloom.
  • In Sydney Gamla Lan in Danks St Waterloo can help you by sourcing the authentic Swedish Malmsten sofa’s like this one and they can arrange for upholstery for you!
  • If you do not have the space for a lounge the single seats are to die for!!
  • If you remember the Vogue Living Cover (see image below by Lisa Cohen) with Stephanie Conley’s amazing chairs from Gamla Lan (upholstered in Christopher Farr Fabric) you will know why I have coveted these chairs for so long and to now connect the idea to a nursery makes them so much more versatile and opens up so many fabric options.

Vogue Living Photography Lisa Cohen