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December 15, 2011

Styling Idea # 328 Door Bookcase


Oh, wow. I am a sucker for bookcases and decorative plaster work. Imagine my delight when I found it wrapped up in Tiffany blue……..welcome to the entrance to my future kitchen, living room, office or library. Or, maybe this is the door to the guest bathroom- inviting them to select something to read before entering the heavenly space.

It is all a little bit too perfect really!

Ship and Anchor

December 8, 2011

Styling Idea # 323 DIY Storage Wall


Wow wow wowie. The number of ideas and visions that come to mind when I think about this styling area are incredible!! Some photos really get you thinking and for me this is one of them. What are your thoughts?

Check out this perfectly curated storage wall. YUM. Aptly found on Today you Inspired Me!

Today You Inspired Me


  • This images uses all white storage – I would love to see this in wood such a teak or brazilian rose wood- vintage style.
  • Plan you heights and don’t try to make units look like they are connected- the variances from one to another create the visual interest.
  • I love the gallery style paintings above- look for ways to gain height with the prints- that will help balance the length of the storage units and pull it all together as one cohesive vision.
  • If you must place items on top of the storage units (here they have used almost all white) I would treed lightly…perhaps display 3 or 4 and remove 1 or 2. Be discreet.
May 10, 2011

Styling Idea # 180 Rich Tuesday


I think even when I am rich that the kitchen in the home should be warm and cosy- nothing too large and ostentasious- you don’t want it to look like it is a commercial space.

I think I would take inspiration from these three rooms to build to ultimate heart of my home! 

Elle Decor

Diamond Baratta

Diamond Baratta

April 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 166 – Leather Dining Chairs


Good morning! Every time I visit Melbourne I wonder- why don’t I live there! Imagine owning one of the attached terraces! I am so in love with them.

This row I found online is from a street right around the corner from my sisters.

And inside I would do this

Design Evolution


  • Using a heavy chair in this setting needs to be balanced with lighter elements- a floral rug, a chandelier, white walls, roses and lots of natural light.
  • Use another area of the room to repeat the leather- the chaise in the room is perfect as it keeps the leather feel and creates an activity zone out of dead space.
  • Don’t feel you need to use the leather chairs at either end of the table if you want to avoid a closed in feel- here the leather is left off the ends and allows to room to remain open.
  • I particularly love the serving hole in the wall- perfect for passing food direct from the kitchen!
January 7, 2011

Styling Idea # 96 Sunken Living Room


Is anyone else having trouble with what day it is at the moment? It seems to be the working/not working schedule combined with the fact I lost a whole day flying back from Hawaii. I keep having to check what day it is! Anyway it appears to be Friday so why not chill out and relax in a room this damn hot!


  • I’m a huge fan of retro (in case you are new to my blog or somehow have missed my previous rants on mid century furniture, printed carpets, half curtains- oh yeah baby!) but this room is like, maybe perfect. I LOVE IT!!!
  • I love the sunken seating, the houndstooth carpets, the Castglioni Mezzadro seat (I sat on this when his daughter came to Sydney to give a speech on the celebrated designer) maiden hair fern, the bookcase and the cushion. I don’t think I have ever said this on my blog yet but I think this might just be the perfect Sara Room.
  • The sunken area creates a space that feels sophisticated- I am sure this is ripe for a revival. This doesn’t need to be a full architect job it can be as easy as creating a false floor in front of your bookcase (provided you have enough ceiling height).
  • Have a look at how small the floor space is in the room- but we have a reading nook, sitting area, dining area, bookcase and storage- this is perfect for apartments.
  • Making a statement with the carpet allows the floor and steps to be a feature – when you have carpeted steps it would be a waste to have a plain colour- go for print!

I really cannot stop looking at this picutre! I want to find an apartment in Sydney that looks like this and move in now! (I think I need a knitted vest and some flare jeans to make it work but it is worth it!)

Tell me, does anyone know anyone with a sunken lounge room anymore?????????

December 1, 2010

Styling Idea # 77 Dark and Sunny Palettes


I could say that the weather is my inspiration for this post – dark and sunny days- kinda what it feels like at the moment.

Well, I want to get a palettes section going on these styling idea becuase so many of the good ones are about interesting ways to use colour. These images made me say “wow”- a unique happening really.


  • Aren’t these lovely? I love the use of popping yellow and citrus lime on a palette of gloomy greys and warm teaks! It’s like having a lime tart with a cup of coffee.
  • Keep the brights suitable and place discreetly around the room. Repeat with fresh floral arrangements.
  • Keep the lighting soft and warm- lamps and pendents with low wattage and high impact.

Visit the beautiful and inspirational website at for more.

November 22, 2010

Styling Idea # ?? “Why be a stylist?”

INSPIRATION FOR THIS POST – PS this is not a normal post- it deviates from format…for good reason.

On Saturday night I watched A Single Man and was completely mesmerized. Following the movie (in fact during it) I spent ages working out how I could instantly change my wardrobe and house. You kinda want to chuck out everything you own, buy an amazing white shirt, drink expensive gin and use black eyeliner in areas of the eyelid that have been abandoned for decades (perhaps for good reason).

Following that I opened my  (FREE- YAY) Russh magazine. That was it. My mind went off into “creation” land of amazing and wonderful possibilities. In this land I can style with any products I want without being told no from suppliers (shame on you Living Edge) I have studios and locations and products and textiles designers and photographers and we sit around and create spaces that are so damn sexy you will feel like this or this or actually even this just by being in them. In my mind the art of fashion and the personal expression of interiors are not separate- there is no interior styling and fashion styling – there is only inspiration.

The wonderful, dense, grounding feeling of witnessing beauty.

Ladies and Gentleman I talking about images like this…

Will Davidson- used with permission from Will . Styled by Stevie Dance

This is the stuff of stylist and photographers wet dreams….this is why I am in this game and this is why I think everyone should be inspired to create a space around them that is beautiful and personal. Dress the way you want, live the way you want.

This post is not about a styling idea but about the concept of grand gestures and big dreams… passionate, be memorable and come home to an entrance that looks like this.

Apartment Dreams

Thanks to Will for letting me use the incredible shot.

October 28, 2010

Styling Idea # 54 Prints in Bathroom


Yesterday I was helping prep for a Home Beautiful shoot, so once again I was hunting down the best in a particular product category. I must say most of the time, most of the design ends up being very conservative in order to be a best seller. Now, I do not mean any disrespect to the designers, manufacturers or retailers of this fine land however I really wish SOMEONE WOULD DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This room scores points for uniqueness and a great styling idea!

Absolute Materialist


  • While most of us like the bathroom to be a haven to soak in, let’s be realistic, if you do not have a bath you are not soaking so why not mix it up and have some fun!
  • Think about large graphic prints – you could print these on perspex for high shine, easy clean, maximum impact- make them big and unashamedly sexy and fun.
  • DO think about larger than life landscape photography. Now, you have to be careful here that it doesn’t look like the cover of one of those “chill out flute CD’s” sold in KMART – stick to something like this.
  • If you want something pretty and girly to match your new dressing table think about this.
  • Now, if it was my bathroom and I had no one else to please I would even consider doing something like this really big printed on the glass the double doors into my shower, with floor lamps with tassels, retro square bathroom tiles in evergreen, a sunken square white bath with champagne taps and lashings of beveled glass and mirrors – but I live in a fantasy world!
  • If you like the look of the above image you can’t go past fashion inspiration like this or this or like this one of my favourite RUSSH images.
  • A note on using people- look for images that are over styled, anonymous or retro – you don’t want to change in front of a photo that looks like someone you would ever possibly know.
  • Finally the key to this idea is size- if it is smaller than 1m on either end it will fail- as big as possible people.
September 27, 2010

Styling Idea # 34 Open Kitchen Shelves


When Lewis Carroll sent Alice down the rabbit hole do you think he ever understood that that feeling would one day become a reality through technology. That rabbit hole is now called Google and if you allow it, it will suck you down so far that you literally cannot return home the same, ever. Some days when I am researching online for inspiration, clever people and interiors that knock the wind of you (hard to find, very very rare occurrence) I am left lost. My mind is altered and the way I look at things changes- irreparably. That is the thing about visual stimulation- when you digest it you can never unsee an image, unsee a style or unsee and inspiration.

It is my goal with this blog to edit sharply and bring you ideas. Ideas that inspire. Ideas that you can actually imagine living with. Ultimately I want to deliver images and ideas that are beautiful.

Here is today’s idea…..

Apartment Dreams

One Hour

One Hour

Desire to Inspire

Apartment Dreams


  • For me, the brilliance of this idea is that can be a structural change to put into your next reno or an immediate kitchen up lift- today! Just take of the door and get creative.
  • My absolute favourite is the top image. Imagine if you had a collection of incredible vintage glasses in different colours and imagine if you had cute little tea sets and jugs and imagine if you had a kitchen window and you put up some shelves! Genius. Styling at it’s best.
  • If you can do structural elements think about overhead lighting inside the cupboards, painting the back of the cupboard in a different colour or wallpapering it or playing around with shelves lengths and widths.
  • If you don’t want to cover your window you have two main options to consider – be clean and white or clever and bright. Keep your items in neat rows for either options and always replace in the same order after you have done the washing up- I have lived with this styling idea and it easier to keep in tack than you may think (although I don’t live with children or teenage boys- they may be optional)

I have made some changes and you can now share the post easier with the links below- I am also tweeting ALOT of images that I find on the trot so follow me on twitter for products that I would buy….there are more updates to come but for today unscrew the hinges on your kitchen cupboards!

Have a good one 😉