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October 13, 2011

Styling Idea # 294 Go KooKoo for Kikki


I am sorry to be a copy blogger today however when I read on The Design Files that it was Kikki K’s 10th birthday I was so proud. Retail and design in this country are all hard concepts to get off the ground but staying alive for like TEN YEARS is really something else altogether. We are all aware of the “buy factor” of these amazing products- today in celebration I ask you to think about styling factor. Be inspired to be organised and enjoy the structure lines and clean palettes.

Be sure to head over the The Design Files to have a read about the lady behind the success!

The Design Files

April 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 166 – Leather Dining Chairs


Good morning! Every time I visit Melbourne I wonder- why don’t I live there! Imagine owning one of the attached terraces! I am so in love with them.

This row I found online is from a street right around the corner from my sisters.

And inside I would do this

Design Evolution


  • Using a heavy chair in this setting needs to be balanced with lighter elements- a floral rug, a chandelier, white walls, roses and lots of natural light.
  • Use another area of the room to repeat the leather- the chaise in the room is perfect as it keeps the leather feel and creates an activity zone out of dead space.
  • Don’t feel you need to use the leather chairs at either end of the table if you want to avoid a closed in feel- here the leather is left off the ends and allows to room to remain open.
  • I particularly love the serving hole in the wall- perfect for passing food direct from the kitchen!
March 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 140 Floor Dollies


Welcome to Friday Team!

When I was at the Life In Style Expo a few weeks I was delighted to find that Armadillo were doing these amazing “floor dollies” not technical name but one I love. I have been sitting on these photos for ages wondering where I would get such a gorgeous product?

They will be available from March- click here for more details…

Emmas Blog

Living Etc

Have a great weekend everyone!

February 22, 2011

Styling Idea # 128 Little Stool Big Vase


The Life In Style Event was held in Sydney over the weekend. This trade event is a showcase of the amazing home wares and gift products that we can expect to see in store soon. There are also a few categories that I think I can say we do not need to buy anymore of

  • Necklaces with wooden blue birds
  • Velvet headbands with bows
  • Terrible woollen jumper things
  • PJ’s that come in pouches of the same fabric
  • Bags that look good and feel crap
  • Neck pillows with matching travel tags- what the?
  • Cushions with stamp and envelope/ letter/ motifs
  • Ugly things that keep handbags off the ground at the table- no one uses them!

Things that are good and that you should buy

  • Products made from recycled waste- baskets woven from garbage bags, jewellery made from bottle caps.
  • Smart, real leather travel wallets
  • Very own “at home light boxes” that you can change the letters of!! Quote of the day anyone? Available from Top 3 by Design.
  • Umbrellas with curved corners instead of pointy edges- brilliant!
  • Amazing leather from Alan Myerson (touch it and you will agree)
  • Cool things from Lightly like these
  • Printed vases (see below)- these flowers don’t die so you can just add leaves! Much cheaper.

Oh, so I give you all this love and you still want a styling idea?? Of course you do- that is what FURNNISH is all about! Voila- I present little stool big vase!

Now before you dismiss this as terrible shop fitting style think about how smart this could look in a house. Cute chair in any colour you like- TICK. Large ornate vase looking decorative and ornamental by virtue of it’s proportion- TICK! Dead twigs optional I just like the idea of playing up proportions!

February 10, 2011

Styling Idea # 119 Gift Tags


When I actually try to find cards and gift tags I am always disappointed at the lack of creativity out there. These products now demand at least $5 a pop and there are really no good cards out there! I say this at the moment because I live in a family of Aquarians. I think I should make some of these little lovelies to have on hand when I give gifts.



  • Don’t use ribbon-find a cute vintage fabric and make strips small enough to wrap through the punctured hole.
  • These simple little flowers are easy enough to copy and so innocent- add the button if you want to make it crafty.
  • If you are giving a number of gifts (say Christmas time) try using a black and white photo of the recipient instead of writing their name on the card.
  • If you don’t trust your flower drawing skills use some print wallpaper in a contrasting colour.
  • Make more than you need and keep at ready for spontaneous little gifts that you give with a smile.

THINGS I WOULD BUY (Here are some snippets from my travels yesterday of things I would buy) Sorry- you will have to excuse my iPhone photos! But the products are cool X

Available at The Bay Tree $50

Camel Sculpture available at Gallery @ 28 $1400

Hanging Fishtank- Spotted at Brad and Ngata Salon not for sale

PS- Do you think I should get the camel sculpture- I am so in love!! I want to install a yellow floating shelve and have it on display with artwork around it?? Let me know your thoughts!!

PPS- If I had the hanging fishtanks made who would buy one??