April 11, 2012

Styling Idea # 403 Red Trim Linen


I had the most amazing planning and designing day yesterday, come midnight was still totally immersed in ideas and visions. Strange things happen at night and you either love the ideas when you wake up or you are left wondering if someone laced your tea with brandy? This morning I am in the former catergory! Yippppeeee- does anyone ever have this happen?

I am obessing over some red trimmed linen at the moment? In fact I am going to find out where we can all get some and come back to you!

Have a super Wednesday xx

April 10, 2012

Styling Idea # 402 Wood Stack


I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely long weekend. I wish the lazy days and sleeps in were more a reality over weekends. In real life I was busy busy and generally battling a hangover each morning. It is hard to find the balance between do nothing and do everything you can whilst you have time away from work!

I did enjoy copious amounts of delicious food designed to be shared. If you are feeling peckish (or famished) in Melbourne I would recommend a visit to either Chin Chins in the city or D.O.C in Carlton – both will make you very happy. At Chin Chins make sure you order the Kingfish and at D.O.C you cannot leave until you have enjoyed the smoked mozzarella from their dedicated mozzarella bar.

In our house we are getting ready to light our first winter fire for the season….make a statement with the simplicity of patterns created by a wood stack. Be simple or quiet, rustic or organized either way pick your look and work it all winter!

April 5, 2012

Styling Idea # 401 Rustic and Modern (2)


I am sometimes so excited when I sit down to post that I could give you all 1000 ideas. And others days I am stumped and cannot find anything that gets the ideas flowing. If I am in the former category (like today) I am literally likely to be wriggling around in my chair and bursting with enthusiasm. I will, however, exercise restraint and just give you the daily dose (Take 1 idea with morning meal).

Yesterday I started on this idea and was delighted when I found this image this morning because it expands the vision and gives you a whole new way of executing it. I love the mismatched chairs anyway because that is super fun, but using the rustic ones with the colours naturally lifting away is even better!

Following the most extensive search of interior stores and suppliers ever conducted I can now provide some suggestions of where to find these goodies!

MelbourneThe Junk Company, Used Pty Ltd, and Nook (Racheal at Nook is super lovely so feel free to ask what else may be available).

Sydney:  Check out ici et la, The Country Trader (more expensive but pretty inspiring) and Quintessential Duck Egg Blue

London, New York, Wagga…so no such suggestions. (please share if you can). Anyway this is me signing off for the long weekend! Happy Easter everyone and I will catch you Tuesday.

Image found at Today you Inspired Me 

April 4, 2012

Styling Idea #400 Rustic and Modern


I am currently running around Melbourne like a courier delivery man (only I wish I had the sticker that lets you park anywhere!). I am seriously visiting no less than 10 stores a day at the moment on average and often many more. That makes for a lot of visual stimulation and a lot of IDEA generation. I think I come home at the end of the day and craving a sleep mask just to shut out the colours and ideas that are dancing in my head. Wouldn’t work however……feeling pretty inspired.

What am I loving at the moment? Houndstooth, bed benches, ever green, industrial (still but in small doses), natural wood, orange prints, oversized photography and unrestored furniture.

I love the look of unrestored pieces in a modern setting. Don’t discount it as junk or need of an overhaul just let the passing of time find a home in your space. Keep it modern and clean around the edges. Add a big photograph for love.

I found this image on the yummy blog 79 Ideas!

April 3, 2012

Styling Idea # 399 Black and White Floors


I started my Pinterest board “black and white floors” to collect all the black and white rug images that I love. As it turns out there are endless designs and patterns for the perfect palette to grace your floors. Rugs, carpets or tiles….eat your heart out! Which pattern do you prefer?

Source: digsdigs.com via Sara on Pinterest

April 2, 2012

Styling Idea # 398 Window Frame Freshness


I was lucky enough to score a bait for the Great Dane 10th birthday party last week- if you are not familiar with this Australian icon it is so worth a look-see HERE!

Here is an inspirational quote from there website:

“Ten years ago, on March 30th Anton opened the roller doors of a leaky garage in Prahran to reveal a 40ft container of Danish furniture. 3 hours & 10 cases of Carlsberg later, it had all sold. Great Dane was born. Celebrating ten great years of sharing our passion for Scandinavian design.” 

Congrats guys! Ten years is a true achievement.

In other news it is a sunny Monday morning in Melbourne (not THAT rare actually) and I am staring out the window with the need to explore and get out and about. Unfortunately  my window is not a damn cool and clever as this!

These amazing windows are from the clever and sustainable Sunia Homes in LA – worth checking out. Photography Laure Joliet. Found via here. I love how the re-think the shape and design.

March 29, 2012

Styling Idea # 397 Storage Wall


The wonderful Apartment Therapy has is launching the Small Cool Contest again. If you are not familiar with the concept they invite submissions from different size categories (Teeny Tiny, Tiny, Little, Small and International) and readers vote on the best use of space. Such a brilliant concept and the rooms and ideas never cease to amaze. I will be most likley following the voting and sharing some clever cat ideas as they come through.

I am especially impressed with the calming effect of this lovely curtain covered storage unit. Space to boot and minimalist lines when it is all closed up. Wonderlust!

Do we have any Australians keen to enter this year?? Please let me know if so…..I will be sure to vote!

March 28, 2012

Styling Idea # 396 Kids Storage Wall


I am feeling particularly inspired to do some DIY today. Some days just feel like good days to get the hammer out and MAKE something. I am not a huge crafty person (believe it or not) and for a stylist I find the idea of making small craft projects rather tedious. I am much more likely to want to build a bench or a bed. I like big things. In fact I believe I will one day have a work-shed with all the wood and tools I need! Oh….and an artist studio because of course I like HUGE canvases rather than dainty little things.

I am not particularly talented at either however I would love to try my luck at something like this little idea. Practical for storage and an ever changing piece of art. Love that.

If anyone has kids and wants to try the idea (and lives in Melbourne) please let me know. I’m 100% up for it!

Source: familyliving.se via Joey on Pinterest

March 27, 2012

Styling Idea # 395 Reverse Clothes Rack – Ceiling Style


I am sorry my post didn’t make it yesterday.  I had written a post from a cafe prior to meeting with a lovely, generous and inspirational stylist, Bec Cole, and thought I had pressed “post”. I spent the day in blissful ignorance that it had not been sent.

These two little quote sum up how I am approaching my days at the moment….working hard and SUPER inspired. I wish I could tell you little more about what I am working on but things are being nudged left and right ever so slightly and I want to ensure everything is right before I get going.

Stil Inspiration

So, what inspirational idea do I want to share today? Well, it is this VERY clever reverse clothes rack. You see, the floor racks are generally flawed in that they have big ugly poles at the end. If you try the double racks you will also find that the designer forgot that coat hangers are wide and need their own space. Terrible. This architectural feature could hang elegantly from the ceiling would allow for your chic (colour co-ordinated) wardrobe to hang mid air. Lovely. All I need know is a welder and some nifty ceiling bracket things…..

Source: joridkvam.com via Sara on Pinterest

March 23, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea #394 Outdoor Serving Bar


Hello everyone- it’s Friday!!!! Yeah. I am so excited…it has been a massive and productive week and I will just have enough time to get in some R&R and hopefully some autumn sunshine this weekend. I’m off to the Creative Women Circle Event on Saturday so I will fill you all in on Monday!

How is this for weekend gorgeous-ness? Hope you are all doing something fun!