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December 14, 2010

Styling Idea # 86 Shelves Above Furniture


Short on space? Big on books and frames?

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine


  • Going north is such an excellent styling idea that creates a sense of “spaciousness” and “cosiness” at the same time. By using the areas above the space you are occupying with furniture you free up floor space.
  • Try this idea above a booth seat in a kitchen – a clever space for cookbooks, serving platters and glasses you may wish to display.
  • Try this idea above a bed with built in under lights and clever sliding doors and nooks and crannies. Think you are designing a gorgeous caravan- where everything is in arms reach.
  • What about trying this above a bath and using calming images, candles and folded towels- just because it is tiles doesn’t mean it needs to look borning.
  • I love the 1990’s feel of the white cushions and sunflowers! I made a prediction to some friends of mine that sunflowers will make a comeback- am I too early to suggest??
  • DON’T do this idea and leave the rest of the space too bare- if you need to fill other walls do them first and than you can go north.
  • The shelves do not need to be a commitment or a large built in job- floating shelves will look perfect and can bought at your hardware store.

Whilst I am promoting images from Lonny I should remind you that the next issues is available from the Australian online magazine Adore it is great to see an Australian magazine embracing the online world. What is also great is the number of lovely local designers and bloggers advertising in the mag including Terrace Outdoor Living (be sure to check out their new pop up store while it lasts) Ada and Darcy and one of my favorites Black and Spiro (Anna Spiro has the most amazing eye!!) Okay- those links should take you up to morning tea break. Enjoy

December 13, 2010

Styling Idea # 85 Yellow and Pink


Last week I was a lucky assistant indeed. I had the pleasure to work with one of the industries best. Megan Morton no less. Really has there ever been a more talented person who is so incredibly relaxed and focused at the same time. Her world is one of perfect image creation and flawless vision while all the time being a cool-calm-collected cat who adores her family and has fun with life. Read more about her at Lucy’s blog The Design Files you will see that she shares the same sentiment.

I cannot share with you the details of the shoot but I was inspired by all things pretty.



  • Often more likely to be kept a bedroom combination (and possibly a little girls room at that) I love how this simple combos makes an appearance in the living room or desk! To make this okay you need to keep the colour touches very subtle
  • The use a strong frame in the first print is perfect- the black frame and iron work around the fireplace keep this room from feeling fairytale. When opting for softer palettes ensure that have something similar to anchor them with.
  • Painted furniture or teak are perfect for this – dark wood will look a bit dated and blood wood or oaks will get too wishy-washy. A painted table setting with pink and yellow finishes is perfect.
  • Can’t think of any other way to get the pink and yellow working together- do it with cushions- one stripe, one colour and one printed- I love this print available online now from the new boutique Ada and Darcy. Check it out!

Pagoda Cushion available online from Ada and Darcy

Other things to note

  • Did anyone get to the Society Inc market on the weekend? I missed it and want to know what I missed out on??
  • I bought my first piece of artwork on the weekend!! Cannot wait to tell you more about it- so thrilled xx
  • Megan let me have free range of the Propery last week – styling heaven. Check out my displays if you are in at B2 (before someone more talented comes along and changes them)