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February 28, 2012

Styling Idea # 376 Style Up the Mattress!


I missed a day yesterday.

A total DNP (Did Not Post). Sorry. And as for today, I am totally exhausted, fighting the flu and succumbing to the lolling sound of the rain……..zzzzzz.

Anyway….welcome back and thanks for your patience. I found this little gem and thought “Arhh Haa! How clever!” Hope it makes up for it.

What to do when you have a spare room that needs a little something? A space that people could sleep if needed, a space that looks as smart as the rest of your stylish home, a space that says “Hey, don’t use me as a junk room…I demand respect!” I say you style up a mattress!

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


  • I personally adore the smart, clean lines of the long skinny cushions!
  • However if you are feeling suitably boho and lo-lo (to the ground) adding some Moroccan, Tibetan or Spanish flavored cushions would be spicy and delicious.
  • Yes, add the rug, yes, create a makeshift side table for glasses of water, magazines and a guest soap
  • Yes, hang the wall prints above at a height that works with the low proportions. Anyone caught hanging too high will be disappointed.
  • DO use a thick, quality fitted white sheet (or two) that is not going to show through any nana flowers prints underneath (You may also wish to consider other suitable colours such as grey, linen or navy)
  • If you have a bed and base (mattress with a base support) you could remove the wheels and create a similar look.
  • DON’T ignore this special space when visitors are away – day beds are a fabulous retreat.
  • PS- don’t you just love the way these prints are hung?????
December 16, 2010

Styling Idea # 88 Wall Runner with Print


Mmmm I think I have provided enough reading material these past couple of days- how about just one really good idea today?



  • Take a small runner or a scarf in a pretty print (stripes, florals, abstract, geometric- whatever) hang vertically down the length of a wall- create artwork gallery of one or more pieces of quaint prints.
  • Place chair in front or a stack of old suitcases or a side table with reading light.

Easy done brilliance.




November 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 69 Shelf Above Bed


It is really cold in Sydney today. I’m not going to buy into the Sydney/ Melbourne weather debate because I think it is about the most boring conversation that you can have – but really Sydney is this all you’ve got? It’s enough to make you think a day lounging around in bed with the papers would be nice (I wish it was Saturday). It would be extra nice if my room looked like this.


  • I love how this shelf allows you to continue the style and colours of the bedding and bedhead up the wall creating a perfect layered look.
  • Think about what you place on this shelf- it needs to be in harmony with the room so that it doens’t look messy. Think about matching frames and cushions colours to keep it neat.
  • Think about using a floating shelf to avoid the bracket.
  • DON’T use this space for family photos or any photos – it is not the mantle!
  • DON’T be too matchy – create a little haven for beautiful things that you love looking at.
  • You have two options- symmetry or balanced mismatched- pick one and stick to it.
  • One of the key strengths of this image is the perfect use of gold from the side table, to the wall clock to the ceiling pendent- copy this order to get a seamless result!

PS – what do you think about the purple colour? I am not a purple fan but it keeps growing on me and popping up in unexpected places- like stunning bedrooms!

Have a good weekend 🙂

October 13, 2010

Styling Idea # 45 Bench Seat Dining


An excellent way to make a room look less styled and more personal is to do something unexpected.


Hector Sanchez found via Desire to Inspire



  • This room plays with opposites- heavy black chairs with a fabric bench seat, soft lighting pieces with a strong contemporary print and formal lamps and informal dining chairs.
  • The bench seat is a great element of surprise and will always stop a space being too matchy matchy.
  • Look for fabric to cover the bench seat that adds something new to the room- a print, a colour, a style a pattern that can be repeated elsewhere.
October 12, 2010

Styling Idea # 44 Wallpaper Bedroom


Last night I spent the night at a my aunties house (only 5 years older so big sister style really) and had the chance to play stylist with her space. No one ever has accumulated more trinkets and boxes and jewellery and scarfs and books and pretty little pieces ever! It was like styling after spending five days prepping and I still don’t think that you could replace the life time of special pieces (those of you who know who I am talking about can vouch for this). Really if we needed a stack of ivory bangles we had them, a wooden box- no problem, a pin cushion with brooches- which one would you like?

It got me thinking about how much I don’t collect trinkets- to play stylist in my room you have books and maybe a cushion. VERY clean. I was jealous! Why don’t I have all this stuff?? But bascially you are a stuff person or not, you are an accessories person or not. I don’t think two fashion rings (under $20) count as a jewellery box and I certainly cannot style with them.

One way I would inject instant feminine appeal and prettiness is a strong floral wallpaper.


One Hour



  • As I am a minimal accessory person this is the equivalent of the pretty floral dress – you really only need a cute pair of shoes to pull this together- or a cute lamp in this case.
  • Use the colours of the paper to dictate the colours of space- this is your main colour area so pay attention to where the repeat will occur in the room. Will you notice more grey accessories if you have a grey print- yes, so make those accessories gorgeous.
  • If you are not into adornment this is an easy way to inject pattern and interest into the space- you can easily continue to live with your clean lines, plain bed linen, strong masculine shapes, and clutter free side tables. In fact I recommend you do so.
  • Keep your accessories stash organised- yes- you can still have pieces out but the piled on look will be over the top with such large strong prints- be a little more discreet.
  • Don’t be afraid to play up on the combination- I love how the last picture uses dark prints and floors and white furniture, the reverse would be amazing too.
  • If you are little spooked about using it all other the room- remember the feature wall behind your bed you will not see as you lay in your bed and therefore it will not seem as busy when you are trying to get some peace and quiet.
  • Flowers will still go- flowers go anywhere any time.


October 8, 2010

Styling Idea # 42 Cherry Blossoms


Okay, here we go for the order of the day with cherry blossoms! My sister got this botanical tattooed on her arm because it means feminine power and beauty- can something this incredible represent anything else?

Apartment Dreams


  • Get something pretty not naff – that means if it is an Asian style replicable print of the plant that focuses more on the branch than the flower and is predominately in red it is probably not pretty enough and will let cheap- be careful.
  • Photos of the real thing are a good place to start- full bloom, large and fluffy.
  • Any interior, any space, any time will work with this.


You wont see any cherry blossom here, more likely to be oleander (my landscape designer friend will either slam more or applaud my botanical references) but I think everyone fantasies about a place like to sit on a Friday.

Apartment Dreams

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September 7, 2010

Styling Idea # 19 Long Skinny Table (with Artwork)


For this post I was inspired by yesterday’s post. I said rectangle tables bad, square table good right? Well then I found this image filed away in my huge “things to blog about folder (no source attached sorry- I wasn’t saving at the beginning because it was for my own reference and to find these images again is torturous. If it is your image 1- let’s be friends, 2- let me know). This is the perfect image to post today because it contradicts what I said yesterday, so it keeps you guessing and it combines my before mentioned post of Large Floral Artwork. More over I think it is totally gorgeous and everyone needs gorgeous on Tuesday don’t they!

No Source Sorry



  • So, square table not your thing or you have a longer space like above than my advice is to go long – the longer the better in this case.
  • DO mix and match the chairs so it feels less like a wedding table and more like a cafe vibe.
  • DO look for incredible wood that is just made to be on display.
  • DO keep the table decorating minimal like before but if you have guest feel free to style this up like crazy. I would use different place-mats with this table in retro inspired prints and three vases of different blooms.
  • DO hang a pendent light, but this time try 2 or 3 in different styles over the length of the table.
  • DO play up the proportions- this works because the artwork balances out the length of the table – smaller artwork placed along the wall would be too predictable and only serve to make the table look too skinny. Note how this piece starts at the floor- remember that.
  • DON’T worry if you do not have a space this long with a skylight overhead- you can always buy a new house, or a square table.

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September 3, 2010

Styling Idea # 17 Floral Oil Painting as Bedhead

Yesterday I started my new job at Vampt Vintage – how wonderful (if you need a casual gig to pay the bills why not at your favourite store?). If you have not spent at least the equivalent of two days searching through their impeccable collection of vintage furniture than call in sick today and do it! Or get there this week for 20% off stock at the new Brookvale store.


To be around such craftsmanship and true classics almost makes you want to rethink your design philosophy. What do you buy, how do you invest and what is it that makes a truly breath taking space? I think part of the answer for me is the ability to combine timeless classics with a modern freshness. Something so desirable in today’s eye skimming world that is causes you to stop,  give an admiring head tilt and take notice.

Rachel Whiting


  • I truly love the connectivity in this space between modern florals, classic florals, white space and retro furniture.
  • You must must must go larger than life with the florals here over the bed- no pretty soft prints allowed- you want drama and colour.
  • Keep the walls and base linen white- clean and modern.
  • Add retro danish side tables like these and hang an assortment of vintage and quirky frames above it.
  • DO think about the size of your painting- it should be so big that is like a bedhead. The width should be close the the width of the bed if not the same size as it.
  • DO hang the painting low- close enough to give the illusion of the bedhead but high enough to learn back against the wall.
  • DO look for stripes, florals with various colour bases and small print florals to pull it together.
  • DON’T be too fussy- this is a inspired look that works on the basis that florals generally go beautiful together- just like nature.
  • DON’T use images of one large flowers alone- it’s too dated, even a defined group of flowers will be dated in this space.
  • DON’T use prints if you can avoid it- search for real oils on canvas.
  • DON’T limit yourself on your frames- although i do think a clean frame works well but be ornate if you feel fancy.
  • DON’T be tempted to paint a floral painting yourself- chances are if you can paint floral it will not cut it in this look and space. This is Monet style and truly classic. We want dark backgrounds, moody flowers, heavy brush strokes and busy paintings that say Renaissance.