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November 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 315 Cream Bathroom

Emma Design Blog


I really hate that I have missed two weeks! My internet connection trouble was only supposed to have me offline for a couple of days and here I am a 2 weeks later. Oh well, on wards and upwards- still 485 of these to do so 10 days out is not too bad.

So, what has been happening since I last wrote? Not much actually but I did spend a lovely weekend in Canberra celebrating an engagement. Lots of weddings, engagements and babies around at the moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay somewhere special when you go to weddings instead of the usual hotel rooms? I’m thinking of something that could be booked out by guests and is designed to be an accommodation solution when you are at weddings? Powder rooms, baby sitting services, 2 hour dry cleaning, make artists, gift wrapping services, nail salon, handbag hire, hair dressers, late check outs, TV screens welcoming guests!! Wow- I am loving this idea.

You would have to make the bathrooms amazing. This image is more residential (althought it is from Babylonstoren, a luxury hotel in South Africa) but an amazing palette that I will certainly be taking inspiration from.

January 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 110 Chandelier in Bathroom


I have come home to Wagga for a couple of days to regroup and relax. I am so lucky to have my family still in country so when the pace of Sydney and sounds of public transport get all to consuming I can duck home to enjoy the peace and quiet. Home for me is intrinsically linked to food and decorating – my mum is the best cook and stylist in the world – so I love coming back here.  She has performed a magical renovation on our house- her latest addition is a chandelier to our bathroom! Stunning.

Living Etc


  • If you are renting or on a budget but want to add some drama to your bathroom think about a fancy light fitting.
  • There are lots of styles so pick your taste- traditional, Moroccan, modern, sputnik…..
  • These look amazing hang over the bath!

PS I have noticed I am getting a large number of hits lately! If this your first time to FURNNISH, welcome! My name is Sara and use these pages to record and organize my styling and decorating ideas! I post everyday (except weekends) and am working on posting 1001 ideas!! Come join me for daily tid bits and pretty photos! Thanks for visiting!

January 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 102 Ensuite Doors


Has anyone seen Burlesque? Let me tell you firstly, that I am a card carrying member of the “I Hate Musicals Club”. Worst offenders, according to our club are The Sound of Music & Moulin Rouge. I could vomit. I have a huge issue with people signing a line when they should really be talking. And I cannot stand signing whilst kicking, whilst twirling an umbrella, whilst kissing the leading man, whilst being suspended above a live audience. SHUT UP!!!

So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I simply loved this movie. It has everything to do with the talent of Christina Aguilera and the incredible looks of Cam Gigadet (Totally 1990s boy band- I’m sorry, can we still be friends?)

Anyway- we all should be creating en suites with doors like this as a result.


  • If you are updating to a new en suite this year dont forget about the doors. They need not be a standard boring door- glass doors, paneling, beveled glass or smokey mirrors.
  • Search op shops or junk yards and see if you can find the perfect parir. If you do not have the space for 2 one outstanding door on its own will create an entrance.
  • Claw bath optional but recommended.
  • PS- I just noticed the candle sticks in the image (re: yesterdays 2011 predictions- really had not seen these before!!)
November 18, 2010

Styling Idea # 68 Wallpaper Above Picture Rail


Yesterday I went shopping at Bunnings to get a rod for my bathroom window to hang some curtains. I wanted an adjustable rod that works by using a spring to push the ends away from each other and therefore doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. They didn’t have it. Renting and Bunnings suck. And while I am having rant- when did storage solutions become soooo expensive? Obviously the world has too much stuff and the retailers have worked out that we will pay through the roof for a boring box to put it in.

There you go…I have said my piece, back to the post and the reason I started talking about the curtain rod..

I really want some prints in my life to make things look a bit more Sara style and unique. I love the idea of using wallpaper high like this…

Apartment Therapy

Bear Hill Interiors


  • Use the colours above the picture rail in the room below to marry them altogether.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a strong print or a busy pattern – you are seeing only a small area of it and it is above eye level.
  • Keep the room below clean and fresh with a great base of white or other neutrals.
  • This bathroom and entrance work well but I would love to see it add drama to a small dining room- smart!
  • Don’t forget about the ceiling- it can be wallpapered too!
  • Think about ways to light this area so that you can see the pattern at night also.

PS if you are clever you would have noticed two extra styling ideas that are great in these photos- First is the box around the bathroom mirror (quirky plus extra storage) and the second is the desk in the hallway (excellent place to store all the admin of life!)

October 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 48 Lal’s Bathroom


I have just spent a weekend at my grandmothers house. Never has there been a more cocooning and snug environment. We have a lovely name for my grandmother and call her “Lal” – you are not allowed to steal that idea I am afraid, it is all for her!

I am not sure what your grandmother’s style is like but she manages to collect so many nick nacks to display that there is always something to look at. She never makes it feel cluttered and she is a cleanest person in the universe so no dust collecting here- just pieces of elements that make you feel at home.

This is not her space but you can imagine…


  • I love that no space here is left un cared for- the doolies on the toilet, the space between the mirror, the basin- add your life and create a stylish and personal space. Sometimes things don’t always need to be put away.
  • DON’T add things that you think go together- styling isn’t perfect, it’s personal.
  • DON’T ignore the rules of balance and harmony- the items may not match but you still need to be able to dance your eyes across the objects in a pleasing way.
  • DO remember that the colours should work in harmony so that it doesn’t get too busy.
  • This idea will work to add charm to a small bathroom, en suite, laundry or kitchen.
  • Keep it clean and fresh but being immaculate!
October 16, 2010

Weekend Updates and the Most Amazing Book Ever

Here is this weekend update Styling Idea # 10 Grey and Yellow – go back and check out the new images in one of my favourite colour combination’s of the moment!

PS I hope you are reading this from your weekend cubby house!

Since we are building cubby houses I should mention the ULTIMATE cubby was pulled together when my sister and her illustrator created the walk through version of her new childrens book in Melbourne – The Most Amazing Book Ever. I had promised some time ago to post on this but my photographs did not do it justice- this is much better- watch this video

Now, before you get too inspired and run off thinking you can write a book too I encourage you log and BUY ONE HERE you will soon see that you are not really author material and can go back to enjoying your cushions and fish and chips.

Please let me know what you think cause I super proud of my little sis and would love to help her sell some more of these AMAZING books 🙂

Here’s something pretty

August 11, 2010

Tip # 2 Raise The Ba(r)th

How to create drama around the bath!


Inspiration has come as I sit in a part renovated apartment (not mine unfortunately). At the moment I am unable to cook anything I cannot boil in the kettle and the bathroom and toilet both do not have doors- but I am alone so I am not bothered. But I have been looking at the bath….

The below images are just one idea around how to create drama around a bath- raise it!


Now that may seem like a simple tip (and that is what FURNNISH is all about!) but have you ever thought about raising a claw bath? I actually hadn’t.

  • Even though this first room has the luxury of length that makes the claw bath idea work best your can always create more drama around a bath- they are your sanctuary after all.
  • If your space is limited consider cleaner lines and a more modern shape- a claw bath raised in a small bathroom is just unnecessary.
  • While I’m at it if you can raise the bath with wooden slats like above and the claw bath is never flushed to the ground anyway why are we not putting nice long draws under our baths to fill with candles, magazines and bubble baths?

As an extra tip today – if you are ever renovating your house do ONE very important thing before you attempt to live amongst the rubble for any period of time- add dimmers! You may not always have lamps available but you will always need light and soft light is MUCH better at hiding mess.