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February 8, 2012

Styling Idea # 363 Walls and Bedhead Same Colour


Is anyone else getting over lots of colour? Maybe it is just me (just today…tomorrow I will post about rainbows) but I feel the need for streamlined palettes and muted tones.

Could you imagine painting the wall the same colour as your tufted bedhead? Sounds full on and OTT? However, I think it has a lot of merit.

What do you think?

November 23, 2010

Styling Idea #71 A touch of Orange


I think orange is such an underrated colour for styling. I love it in all it’s guises- from strong citrus tangerine to primary orange to softer peaches and yet you see so little of it used. I guess people are not sure how to bring it into the space, how to introduce it without it taking over or how to use it without it screaming 70’s!!. These shots are great examples of it done correctly.

Coco and Kelley

Living Etc


  • Although I really want to re-style the top photo I do love the orange sideboard and the idea of the fabric on the chair- pick one strong piece of furniture in a block orange colour and break it up with a printed white and orange piece nearby- easy.
  • I was going to make a rule that orange should be in white rooms but I love the second picture and the dreamy cream and dusty blue palette seems to be working a treat. Ottomans in a bright colour are an excellent idea for adding an unrelated but harmonious colour to your room. Skip the tufting if you want a cleaner look.
  • Yes, feature walls are dated, but not all feature walls are painted the colour of Sherbet Lollies- if they were they would still be totally acceptable (however I suspect the full room is in the colour).
  • Ideas for pieces of furniture you could paint in a great orange – drink trolleys, tallboys, side tables, bentwood chairs, blanket boxes, stools or kids desks.
  • If you want a smaller touch of orange think of cushions, clocks, piping on upholstery (pretty!!) photo frames, throw rugs, jugs, vases, serving trays on coffee tables, penguin book spines.
  • Yes, orange is a huge retro colour so you will find plenty of second hand vintage pieces to add a splash until you get used to the hue.

Did anyone hear Lucy on Triple J yesterday- what a clever little lady! Congrats on launching such an exciting calendar- still loving your blog! (The Design Files)

November 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 69 Shelf Above Bed


It is really cold in Sydney today. I’m not going to buy into the Sydney/ Melbourne weather debate because I think it is about the most boring conversation that you can have – but really Sydney is this all you’ve got? It’s enough to make you think a day lounging around in bed with the papers would be nice (I wish it was Saturday). It would be extra nice if my room looked like this.


  • I love how this shelf allows you to continue the style and colours of the bedding and bedhead up the wall creating a perfect layered look.
  • Think about what you place on this shelf- it needs to be in harmony with the room so that it doens’t look messy. Think about matching frames and cushions colours to keep it neat.
  • Think about using a floating shelf to avoid the bracket.
  • DON’T use this space for family photos or any photos – it is not the mantle!
  • DON’T be too matchy – create a little haven for beautiful things that you love looking at.
  • You have two options- symmetry or balanced mismatched- pick one and stick to it.
  • One of the key strengths of this image is the perfect use of gold from the side table, to the wall clock to the ceiling pendent- copy this order to get a seamless result!

PS – what do you think about the purple colour? I am not a purple fan but it keeps growing on me and popping up in unexpected places- like stunning bedrooms!

Have a good weekend 🙂

November 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 67 Hanging Side Lamp


Working with Sheridan I have linen on the brain. I think this linen is to die for! I have been saving this picture a while.


  • What do you think- have we seen the end of table lamps?? Are hanging lamps and floor lamps ever going to replace table lamps???
September 2, 2010

Styling Idea # 16 Painted Bedhead

Yay! I have moved into my new space- have to hang out at IKEA for a bit today to get my bed- if I am happy with the results of my new room I will do a post on it but at the moment you cannot even open the door.


I haven’t ever had a bedhead with a foot (not since I was a little tot) so I am thinking of investing in a cocooning bed that I can lavish with cushions. Despite what you may have inferred from my posts so far I am not a girly girly but I do think that a bed should be inviting and a haven and cushions (not too many) can create a great spot to sit when the bed is made up during the day- like this image.

Tristan Anauer

Being in a rental I cannot exactly do this idea but what a great way to create an impact around a bed – a painted bedhead isn’t totally radical BUT painting around the corner is much more exciting. This way you can create a day bed and scatter a mismatch of cushions along your illusionary booth.


  • Think about creating a tonal impact be keeping the wall colour and the bedding in the same family – grey blue is a good example but any colour that you can think of will work the same.
  • Keep the wall colour strong- this isn’t about fading into the background you want this to be a statement.
  • Consider using wallpaper or padded panels to do the same wrap idea. Padded panels should run horizontally.
  • I would go all Moroccan on this idea but please don’t do it themed- suitable references only.
  • Use a bedspread or coverlet rather than a doona that would be harder to tuck against the wall.
  • Use contrast sheets to repeat the colour between the cushions and the wall.
  • DO think about how you will provide lighting- a wall light like the above image is a great idea for this look as it keeps the area around the bed clean without the need for heavy side tables.
  • DON’T feel the need to display cushions all the way to the end of bed on each side you want to create an emphasis on the corner.

If you have bed like this a cuppa in the corner with a book is perfect on a rainy day like today.