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December 9, 2010

Styling Idea # 83 Paneled Ceiling


Pure perfection- i love this Idea so much!!

Cabbage Rose



  • Oh my goddness! With the current fascination of wooden floorboards (how long do we think they will be in vogue? Forever….?) we have forgotten about the beauty of paneled ceilings! Really – I think these are stunning.
  • I love how each photo shows a different look- use a shadow cornice for a contemporary look with down lights or add a wooden cornice for a more rustic finish.
  • Definitely do not be afraid to use wood in the room below- the second image has a mixture of four different types! I am prone to wanting to punch people when they say you cannot mix woods!
  • Think about the colour you want to radiate down into your room a honey teak colour wood is best for maintaining an open feeling but a dark black japan with sleek finish could look incredible.
  • In case you were wondering don’t have floor boards at the same time- not necessary.
  • PS Don’t you just love that cactus!!

November 23, 2010

Styling Idea #71 A touch of Orange


I think orange is such an underrated colour for styling. I love it in all it’s guises- from strong citrus tangerine to primary orange to softer peaches and yet you see so little of it used. I guess people are not sure how to bring it into the space, how to introduce it without it taking over or how to use it without it screaming 70’s!!. These shots are great examples of it done correctly.

Coco and Kelley

Living Etc


  • Although I really want to re-style the top photo I do love the orange sideboard and the idea of the fabric on the chair- pick one strong piece of furniture in a block orange colour and break it up with a printed white and orange piece nearby- easy.
  • I was going to make a rule that orange should be in white rooms but I love the second picture and the dreamy cream and dusty blue palette seems to be working a treat. Ottomans in a bright colour are an excellent idea for adding an unrelated but harmonious colour to your room. Skip the tufting if you want a cleaner look.
  • Yes, feature walls are dated, but not all feature walls are painted the colour of Sherbet Lollies- if they were they would still be totally acceptable (however I suspect the full room is in the colour).
  • Ideas for pieces of furniture you could paint in a great orange – drink trolleys, tallboys, side tables, bentwood chairs, blanket boxes, stools or kids desks.
  • If you want a smaller touch of orange think of cushions, clocks, piping on upholstery (pretty!!) photo frames, throw rugs, jugs, vases, serving trays on coffee tables, penguin book spines.
  • Yes, orange is a huge retro colour so you will find plenty of second hand vintage pieces to add a splash until you get used to the hue.

Did anyone hear Lucy on Triple J yesterday- what a clever little lady! Congrats on launching such an exciting calendar- still loving your blog! (The Design Files)

November 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 69 Shelf Above Bed


It is really cold in Sydney today. I’m not going to buy into the Sydney/ Melbourne weather debate because I think it is about the most boring conversation that you can have – but really Sydney is this all you’ve got? It’s enough to make you think a day lounging around in bed with the papers would be nice (I wish it was Saturday). It would be extra nice if my room looked like this.


  • I love how this shelf allows you to continue the style and colours of the bedding and bedhead up the wall creating a perfect layered look.
  • Think about what you place on this shelf- it needs to be in harmony with the room so that it doens’t look messy. Think about matching frames and cushions colours to keep it neat.
  • Think about using a floating shelf to avoid the bracket.
  • DON’T use this space for family photos or any photos – it is not the mantle!
  • DON’T be too matchy – create a little haven for beautiful things that you love looking at.
  • You have two options- symmetry or balanced mismatched- pick one and stick to it.
  • One of the key strengths of this image is the perfect use of gold from the side table, to the wall clock to the ceiling pendent- copy this order to get a seamless result!

PS – what do you think about the purple colour? I am not a purple fan but it keeps growing on me and popping up in unexpected places- like stunning bedrooms!

Have a good weekend 🙂

November 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 67 Hanging Side Lamp


Working with Sheridan I have linen on the brain. I think this linen is to die for! I have been saving this picture a while.


  • What do you think- have we seen the end of table lamps?? Are hanging lamps and floor lamps ever going to replace table lamps???
November 11, 2010

Styling Idea # 64 Storage Bedhead


Yesterday I was on location for a shoot in an AMAZING home. I want to go on a tour of Sydney and go inside every house – you really never know what you may find. The facade for this gem was unassuming and yet the space and design and styling was world class. I am not usually a lofty, industrial style girl but I was truly inspired by great unique pieces and absolute class. I wish I could take you all there today with me for the last day of the shoot (if you are following me on twitter you will get extra photos of locations and props we are using).

I also have some insider information on a new store coming to Sydney (tell you later), and I meet the lovely editor of The Outdoor Room, Katrina O’Brien whilst styling live in front of an audience for outdoor spaces-phew it was a big day!

I didn’t get to see the bedroom of the house we were in yesterday but I would imagine it would look something like this….

Living Etc


  • If you have the luxury of a high ceiling and lots of light this idea would be amazing.
  • Keep the lines simple- I love how they do not have any handles on the cabinetry and all the lines are clean.
  • Make sure from the front perspective that you build in clever bed side elements- lamps and nooks for books included.
  • Have these draws and cupboards designed in the most practical configuration and dimension that you can imagine for your lifestyle- if you want draws, ask how deep?
  • I love the sparse whiteness of this design but there is no reason that the cupboards could not be printed to make one large graphic piece of art- remember Styling Idea #55 Photography Furniture – something like this would be a real wow statement- just make sure you have enough space to get the full perspective.
  • Think about using the back end for all of your stuff so when you are in bed it is super clean and perfect- that might include adding hooks for towels and robes, including a mirror, adding a hidden dressing table etc so that all the action happens behind the bed and you can lay back and enjoy the view.
  • Finally – if you are spending the money on the custom solution make sure you invest in quality fittings and soft close draws- it will be nice and quiet for sleeping partners.
October 22, 2010

Friday Fantasy

This weekend I am off to a wedding! Yay! I love a wedding – I especially love a wedding where you adore both the bride and the groom so this one will be special- I am sure I will tell you about it. If I wasn’t heading off for a wedding in the woods I would like to be heading to Bali and be checking in at the Bulgari Hotel. More often than not hotels disappoint – I think this is my idea of heaven!

Have a great weekend!

October 12, 2010

Styling Idea # 44 Wallpaper Bedroom


Last night I spent the night at a my aunties house (only 5 years older so big sister style really) and had the chance to play stylist with her space. No one ever has accumulated more trinkets and boxes and jewellery and scarfs and books and pretty little pieces ever! It was like styling after spending five days prepping and I still don’t think that you could replace the life time of special pieces (those of you who know who I am talking about can vouch for this). Really if we needed a stack of ivory bangles we had them, a wooden box- no problem, a pin cushion with brooches- which one would you like?

It got me thinking about how much I don’t collect trinkets- to play stylist in my room you have books and maybe a cushion. VERY clean. I was jealous! Why don’t I have all this stuff?? But bascially you are a stuff person or not, you are an accessories person or not. I don’t think two fashion rings (under $20) count as a jewellery box and I certainly cannot style with them.

One way I would inject instant feminine appeal and prettiness is a strong floral wallpaper.


One Hour



  • As I am a minimal accessory person this is the equivalent of the pretty floral dress – you really only need a cute pair of shoes to pull this together- or a cute lamp in this case.
  • Use the colours of the paper to dictate the colours of space- this is your main colour area so pay attention to where the repeat will occur in the room. Will you notice more grey accessories if you have a grey print- yes, so make those accessories gorgeous.
  • If you are not into adornment this is an easy way to inject pattern and interest into the space- you can easily continue to live with your clean lines, plain bed linen, strong masculine shapes, and clutter free side tables. In fact I recommend you do so.
  • Keep your accessories stash organised- yes- you can still have pieces out but the piled on look will be over the top with such large strong prints- be a little more discreet.
  • Don’t be afraid to play up on the combination- I love how the last picture uses dark prints and floors and white furniture, the reverse would be amazing too.
  • If you are little spooked about using it all other the room- remember the feature wall behind your bed you will not see as you lay in your bed and therefore it will not seem as busy when you are trying to get some peace and quiet.
  • Flowers will still go- flowers go anywhere any time.


August 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 4 Curtain Walls


One little secret that I will let you in on from my styling shoot I was on last week – a wall is not always a wall.  We needed a nice bright blue wall and we created one in the studio from paper hung high from the roll and a mock skirting- things are not always as they appear but illusion is sometimes the key to styling. Which leads me my post- creating a curtain wall from fabric.

Pal and Smith

Here the incredible American design company Pal and Smith show us how it is done.


  • This is a good tip for people who are not blessed with incredible walls.
  • Works well for people who are renting and want a change that is easy to reverse.
  • A quick and easy way to create drama and texture.
  • This is suitable for bedrooms and living areas (think about a small dining room-lovely).
  • Good for bachelor pads that want to feel cocooned without adding “girly curtains or fabrics”
  • If your room is flooded with natural light feel free to go soft and breezy (as long as it falls flat and doesn’t fly away).
  • If your room is darker think warm and dark colours.
  • Hang the fabric from the ceiling line down- shadow line cornices are good. If your cornice is decorative keep this is view otherwise the joining corners will look odd.
  • Do try colour, prints and different textures.
  • Do go from wall to wall- always.
  • Do use this tip to highlight a long wall – I would avoid patterns in this case.
  • Do feel free to hang artwork (like above) as long as it is not flattening the fabric.
  • Do think about creative lighting- angle spot lights at 1m intervals for wide rooms or consider uplighting from the floor.
  • Do think about this tip to create a wall where there is no wall at all. However if you use this option your fabric must be suitable on both sides and care should be taken to select a fabric that has enough weight to create a wall effect- flowing fabric will just look like a cubby house.
  • Don’t ever use shiny fabric. EVER.
  • Don’t forget to run all the way to the floor but don’t let it sag- it should just skim.
  • Don’t let anyone see any joins ever- these are not curtains really.
  • Don’t try to hang wall lights or small prints as they will not enough space to hide the joins behind.
  • Don’t feel compelled the repeat the fabric or pattern in ANY other accessories in the room (ie cushions) – you will end up looking matching and terrible.
  • Don’t make real curtains out of the fabric on another wall- that would be horrible!
  • Don’t use a fabric that you cannot remove and dry clean every now and then- dusty tables are one thing dusty walls are just not cool.
  • Don’t be tempted to try this if you are likely to have a strong breeze flowing through or overhead ceiling fans – still rooms people, still.

If you are feeling very creative think about something like these images below

Emmas Blog Curtain Wall