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November 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 67 Hanging Side Lamp


Working with Sheridan I have linen on the brain. I think this linen is to die for! I have been saving this picture a while.


  • What do you think- have we seen the end of table lamps?? Are hanging lamps and floor lamps ever going to replace table lamps???
September 3, 2010

Styling Idea # 17 Floral Oil Painting as Bedhead

Yesterday I started my new job at Vampt Vintage – how wonderful (if you need a casual gig to pay the bills why not at your favourite store?). If you have not spent at least the equivalent of two days searching through their impeccable collection of vintage furniture than call in sick today and do it! Or get there this week for 20% off stock at the new Brookvale store.


To be around such craftsmanship and true classics almost makes you want to rethink your design philosophy. What do you buy, how do you invest and what is it that makes a truly breath taking space? I think part of the answer for me is the ability to combine timeless classics with a modern freshness. Something so desirable in today’s eye skimming world that is causes you to stop,  give an admiring head tilt and take notice.

Rachel Whiting


  • I truly love the connectivity in this space between modern florals, classic florals, white space and retro furniture.
  • You must must must go larger than life with the florals here over the bed- no pretty soft prints allowed- you want drama and colour.
  • Keep the walls and base linen white- clean and modern.
  • Add retro danish side tables like these and hang an assortment of vintage and quirky frames above it.
  • DO think about the size of your painting- it should be so big that is like a bedhead. The width should be close the the width of the bed if not the same size as it.
  • DO hang the painting low- close enough to give the illusion of the bedhead but high enough to learn back against the wall.
  • DO look for stripes, florals with various colour bases and small print florals to pull it together.
  • DON’T be too fussy- this is a inspired look that works on the basis that florals generally go beautiful together- just like nature.
  • DON’T use images of one large flowers alone- it’s too dated, even a defined group of flowers will be dated in this space.
  • DON’T use prints if you can avoid it- search for real oils on canvas.
  • DON’T limit yourself on your frames- although i do think a clean frame works well but be ornate if you feel fancy.
  • DON’T be tempted to paint a floral painting yourself- chances are if you can paint floral it will not cut it in this look and space. This is Monet style and truly classic. We want dark backgrounds, moody flowers, heavy brush strokes and busy paintings that say Renaissance.