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January 6, 2011

Styling Idea # 95 Tulip Chair


On the Gold Coast there is a store called FOUND. If you are familiar with it you will know that this store does an excellent job of 1) sourcing original good quality and design pieces for cheap 2) reupholstering these pieces to create new furniture 3) selling it at a premium to people who do not have the time or inclination  to search for such pieces. It is a simple concept done the world over but these guys stick out as someone who is doing a really good job. They generally have mid century design pieces and update them with contemporary fabric. I love it and I am yet to find its match in Sydney although I would love readers in the know to let me know??

Vampt has all the mid century pieces you could ask for and yet there is something fresh about FOUND. I put it down to the fact they seem to dismiss the need to maintain the integrity of the design and are happy to commit design and restoration sins such as painting wood or using modern fabric. It may not help the pieces hold value but they look hot! Um- arhh!

So, whilst we are on the topic of mid-century design classics I urge you to pick up these chairs if ever found at garage sales or ops shops- The Tulip chair was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1955 (read more here) and works wonderfully on its own or updated with a fresh printed cushion. No sins required.

Tulip Chairs

Tulip Chair- One Hour


  • Given the smooth clean “modern lines” of this piece (it was considered space age in the 50’s so you can imagine why Star Trek actually popularized the design) this chair works well both round and angular table shapes.
  • Work with different fabrics to create a pop of colour- the top image has different prints which looks great or pick one print that you love.
  • I wouldn’t colour block with upholstery unless you are after that Austin Powers vibe – if it is not all white I think the cushion needs a bit of a print to make it look fresh.
  • Don’t forget you can use the complimenting table (see middle image) if you want a compact and authentic setting.
  • As these are not likely to be a cheap investment (chances of garage sale finds are slim to none) you could use these as a row along one side balanced out with a different chair opposite. I wouldn’t use these as alternating chairs- keep them lined up and together where possible.
  • Finally I would like to draw your attention to the incredible use of colours in the last image. One of the great elements of this room is the dark walls that allow the silhouette of the chair to really pop. Even if you have just two of these chairs and want to create an impact I would place them against a back drop of a strong bold block colour and allow the design excellence to speak for itself.
December 13, 2010

Styling Idea # 85 Yellow and Pink


Last week I was a lucky assistant indeed. I had the pleasure to work with one of the industries best. Megan Morton no less. Really has there ever been a more talented person who is so incredibly relaxed and focused at the same time. Her world is one of perfect image creation and flawless vision while all the time being a cool-calm-collected cat who adores her family and has fun with life. Read more about her at Lucy’s blog The Design Files you will see that she shares the same sentiment.

I cannot share with you the details of the shoot but I was inspired by all things pretty.



  • Often more likely to be kept a bedroom combination (and possibly a little girls room at that) I love how this simple combos makes an appearance in the living room or desk! To make this okay you need to keep the colour touches very subtle
  • The use a strong frame in the first print is perfect- the black frame and iron work around the fireplace keep this room from feeling fairytale. When opting for softer palettes ensure that have something similar to anchor them with.
  • Painted furniture or teak are perfect for this – dark wood will look a bit dated and blood wood or oaks will get too wishy-washy. A painted table setting with pink and yellow finishes is perfect.
  • Can’t think of any other way to get the pink and yellow working together- do it with cushions- one stripe, one colour and one printed- I love this print available online now from the new boutique Ada and Darcy. Check it out!

Pagoda Cushion available online from Ada and Darcy

Other things to note

  • Did anyone get to the Society Inc market on the weekend? I missed it and want to know what I missed out on??
  • I bought my first piece of artwork on the weekend!! Cannot wait to tell you more about it- so thrilled xx
  • Megan let me have free range of the Propery last week – styling heaven. Check out my displays if you are in at B2 (before someone more talented comes along and changes them)
November 19, 2010

Styling Idea # 69 Shelf Above Bed


It is really cold in Sydney today. I’m not going to buy into the Sydney/ Melbourne weather debate because I think it is about the most boring conversation that you can have – but really Sydney is this all you’ve got? It’s enough to make you think a day lounging around in bed with the papers would be nice (I wish it was Saturday). It would be extra nice if my room looked like this.


  • I love how this shelf allows you to continue the style and colours of the bedding and bedhead up the wall creating a perfect layered look.
  • Think about what you place on this shelf- it needs to be in harmony with the room so that it doens’t look messy. Think about matching frames and cushions colours to keep it neat.
  • Think about using a floating shelf to avoid the bracket.
  • DON’T use this space for family photos or any photos – it is not the mantle!
  • DON’T be too matchy – create a little haven for beautiful things that you love looking at.
  • You have two options- symmetry or balanced mismatched- pick one and stick to it.
  • One of the key strengths of this image is the perfect use of gold from the side table, to the wall clock to the ceiling pendent- copy this order to get a seamless result!

PS – what do you think about the purple colour? I am not a purple fan but it keeps growing on me and popping up in unexpected places- like stunning bedrooms!

Have a good weekend 🙂

October 15, 2010

Friday Fantasy

This weekend make a cubby-house-style stack of cushions on the floor and stay there all weekend- there is no where to be after all! Make sure you have enough reading material, cups of tea and maybe at some stage eat fish and chips off the paper- like you used to as a kid.

Keep it inside or drag it all out doors.


My Farm House


September 28, 2010

Styling Idea # 35 Whites and Brights


ohhh the sunshine, the sunshine! For those of us in Sydney this morning is truly glorious! The sun is shining through my window and making the day seem so exciting already, funny the power of light. I spent the wee hours last night reading about feng shui for a client and that started me thinking more about bright colours. There seems to be a strong trend around white interiors, however the next step of that trend is creating bright accents around the room- check it out.

Elle Decor





  • This is all about accessories! Think about everything and imagine in a popping colour. Start with the obvious- rugs, cushions, lamps, flowers, indoor plants, throws, artwork and side tables.
  • To create your second layer of colour think about smaller items in bright palettes that will bounce against the white and add an extra dimension- teapots, vases, pot plants pots, glasses, cookie jars or tea towels- anything you can add a bright colour to will work.
  • DON’T panic about picking the right colours- this is inspired by nature at it’s best- yellow, lilac, grass green, sky blue, pinks, raspberries, orange, lime, aqua, teal or citrus  – so perfectly spring.
  • HERE’S the main tip- don’t get stuck with primary colours- add something outside the primary colour range to make sure it doesn’t look like a school classroom. In the above examples the a 1st image uses lime, aqua and pink, the 2nd uses powder blue, the bathroom image uses a neon green- anything outside the primary family will throw the eye off and let all the colours exist together.
  • I have included the Elle Decor reference as an example of adding brights to a more classic space- the flowers, the lamp, the chairs, the puppy dog on the mantle- these are all unexpected in this classic setting but they make it so much more interesting don’t you think!

Have a sunny and colourful day.

September 2, 2010

Styling Idea # 16 Painted Bedhead

Yay! I have moved into my new space- have to hang out at IKEA for a bit today to get my bed- if I am happy with the results of my new room I will do a post on it but at the moment you cannot even open the door.


I haven’t ever had a bedhead with a foot (not since I was a little tot) so I am thinking of investing in a cocooning bed that I can lavish with cushions. Despite what you may have inferred from my posts so far I am not a girly girly but I do think that a bed should be inviting and a haven and cushions (not too many) can create a great spot to sit when the bed is made up during the day- like this image.

Tristan Anauer

Being in a rental I cannot exactly do this idea but what a great way to create an impact around a bed – a painted bedhead isn’t totally radical BUT painting around the corner is much more exciting. This way you can create a day bed and scatter a mismatch of cushions along your illusionary booth.


  • Think about creating a tonal impact be keeping the wall colour and the bedding in the same family – grey blue is a good example but any colour that you can think of will work the same.
  • Keep the wall colour strong- this isn’t about fading into the background you want this to be a statement.
  • Consider using wallpaper or padded panels to do the same wrap idea. Padded panels should run horizontally.
  • I would go all Moroccan on this idea but please don’t do it themed- suitable references only.
  • Use a bedspread or coverlet rather than a doona that would be harder to tuck against the wall.
  • Use contrast sheets to repeat the colour between the cushions and the wall.
  • DO think about how you will provide lighting- a wall light like the above image is a great idea for this look as it keeps the area around the bed clean without the need for heavy side tables.
  • DON’T feel the need to display cushions all the way to the end of bed on each side you want to create an emphasis on the corner.

If you have bed like this a cuppa in the corner with a book is perfect on a rainy day like today.