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March 12, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today Styling Idea # 385 Copper as Vase


I was sprouting the virtues of gold on this blog not a week ago and now here I am onto copper already. I am still happy to love gold but how stunning is this table setting with copper cans? Tom Dixon may have started the love affair with the pendent lights but I think we can all agree we are likely to see more of this delicious metal.

I could see this being huge for weddings!

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend if you are reading from Victoria! Everywhere else….Happy Monday.

February 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 127 Hanging from a Shelf


I would hate to be pregnant in summer. I have had two baby showers in as many weeks in the stifling heat. The first was during the Sydney heat wave and 20 mothers to be huddled in a non-air conditioned room to exchange fluffy hot snuggly type toys- it was 45 degrees. Yesterday was hot and steamy also however we visited one of the cutest little buttons in Sydney so it did make it worth it.

Amelia Ruby is a young hostess with the mostess and in cosy (read- good for winter) little room on Elizabeth St she will serve you more cakes and slices and ice tea than you can honestly handle (even if you under do you belt…..and your top button). The Tea Parlour hosts tea and scones for $8 or the full hog High Tea for only $20 and you will never forget the experience, or the beetroot and chocolate cake! And the wonderful thing is that Amelia makes all the food herself and lovingly serves you endless plates of joy along with apologies for the weather and the cutest little interior to boot- so sweet.

Here is one idea that I loved from the interior…


  • I love the flag hanging from under the shelf – such a subtle way to display the Jack!
  • If you are not into British heritage and tea rooms you can still use this styling idea in other ways- hang a scarf (vertically) or pretty printed tea towel from a hanging shelf in the kitchen, living room or bathroom!
  • Use the scarf to separate other styling ideas – for example use the split to separate photos, artwork or vintage mirrors.
December 20, 2010

Styling Idea # 90 Bottle Vases Over Table


I can hardly believe it is 20th of December. When I sat down to write this post this morning I almost thought “It is too early to post Christmas”. Well, actually it is too late- where did time go?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of exchanging Christmas Gifts with some of my favourite friends so it is starting to feel like we are really there! If you are planning a festive table this year- why not celebrate with something easy breezy but oh so pretty!

PS- I was inspired to post this idea after having a beer last night at Coogee Cafe After Dark– they have beer boutique bottles hanging in the window and plenty more in the fridge for you to try! If you after a chilled out atmosphere in Coogee pop in and enjoy this summer concept while it lasts!


I say leave work early today and head home to get this sorted for an early Monday evening gathering!!

(Apologies to my northern hemisphere readers- I know the idea of breaking bread in the summer sun while fresh flowers dance over head is a bit too teasing for you!)

Have a good day 🙂

October 26, 2010

Styling Idea # 52 Wedding Thoughts….


I spoke to the lovely bride yesterday afternoon before she left for Italy (insert sigh).

I wanted to check I could post about her wonderful and creative wedding ideas. Luckily for everyone the answer was “yes, of course!”. This wedding was about clever executions that looked natural and effortless but constantly had guests saying “ooohhh look at that!”

Both the bride and groom are incredible designers so they understand beauty and simplicity- the perfect ingredients for a wedding.

(Photos Sara Chamberlain)

The Facade of the Original Old Ballroom

Life size "LOVE" Letters in the garden

Cupcake Table

Family wedding photos across the generations- Brilliant!

Flower Arrangements


  • I don’t want to give away all the ideas and personal touches but this a sneak preview of how natures gardens, candles, lavender, personal mementos, wooden shutters and pink paint can deliver the most beautiful wedding of all.

I am so blessed that I can share these with you- if you would like to thank Mr and Mrs R leave a little comment- I am sure they would like to hear your thoughts and appreciation.