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February 7, 2012

Styling Idea # 362 Windows to the kitchen


If you have hours on end to spare you should totally be visiting pinterest! I personally don’t think I have ever had so much fun. It is my idea of heaven, easy yo use, endless eye candy and quick responses from the pinning community. Please be warned if you have a job, children, animals, partners, pot plants or anything else that may demand your attention in the next 48 hours this site is addictive!! (although it is a great weight loss strategy as you will forget to eat). Ok, I am sure you are sensing my love this site.

Follow the link to the credit for the below shot or you can sign up and follow me

If you don’t have time for that (I have heard some people have jobs- what is that again?) please take my advice and build some glass windows  into your kitchen. I guarantee improved cooking skills.

September 27, 2010

Styling Idea # 34 Open Kitchen Shelves


When Lewis Carroll sent Alice down the rabbit hole do you think he ever understood that that feeling would one day become a reality through technology. That rabbit hole is now called Google and if you allow it, it will suck you down so far that you literally cannot return home the same, ever. Some days when I am researching online for inspiration, clever people and interiors that knock the wind of you (hard to find, very very rare occurrence) I am left lost. My mind is altered and the way I look at things changes- irreparably. That is the thing about visual stimulation- when you digest it you can never unsee an image, unsee a style or unsee and inspiration.

It is my goal with this blog to edit sharply and bring you ideas. Ideas that inspire. Ideas that you can actually imagine living with. Ultimately I want to deliver images and ideas that are beautiful.

Here is today’s idea…..

Apartment Dreams

One Hour

One Hour

Desire to Inspire

Apartment Dreams


  • For me, the brilliance of this idea is that can be a structural change to put into your next reno or an immediate kitchen up lift- today! Just take of the door and get creative.
  • My absolute favourite is the top image. Imagine if you had a collection of incredible vintage glasses in different colours and imagine if you had cute little tea sets and jugs and imagine if you had a kitchen window and you put up some shelves! Genius. Styling at it’s best.
  • If you can do structural elements think about overhead lighting inside the cupboards, painting the back of the cupboard in a different colour or wallpapering it or playing around with shelves lengths and widths.
  • If you don’t want to cover your window you have two main options to consider – be clean and white or clever and bright. Keep your items in neat rows for either options and always replace in the same order after you have done the washing up- I have lived with this styling idea and it easier to keep in tack than you may think (although I don’t live with children or teenage boys- they may be optional)

I have made some changes and you can now share the post easier with the links below- I am also tweeting ALOT of images that I find on the trot so follow me on twitter for products that I would buy….there are more updates to come but for today unscrew the hinges on your kitchen cupboards!

Have a good one 😉