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November 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 315 Cream Bathroom

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I really hate that I have missed two weeks! My internet connection trouble was only supposed to have me offline for a couple of days and here I am a 2 weeks later. Oh well, on wards and upwards- still 485 of these to do so 10 days out is not too bad.

So, what has been happening since I last wrote? Not much actually but I did spend a lovely weekend in Canberra celebrating an engagement. Lots of weddings, engagements and babies around at the moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay somewhere special when you go to weddings instead of the usual hotel rooms? I’m thinking of something that could be booked out by guests and is designed to be an accommodation solution when you are at weddings? Powder rooms, baby sitting services, 2 hour dry cleaning, make artists, gift wrapping services, nail salon, handbag hire, hair dressers, late check outs, TV screens welcoming guests!! Wow- I am loving this idea.

You would have to make the bathrooms amazing. This image is more residential (althought it is from Babylonstoren, a luxury hotel in South Africa) but an amazing palette that I will certainly be taking inspiration from.

February 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 118 Moroccan Splashbacks


We are such a lucky country. In the wake of floods and droughts playing havoc with the very weather patterns that feed us we can still access and enjoy incredible food. Today I was fortunate enough to take home a mystery food box. In effect I selected the fruit and vegetables from the shoot (additional left overs were delivered to shelters) but I now have an abundance of delicious colourful, unique and flavorsome food I have to work out what on earth to do with! It is an exciting prospect to deal with. Swiss brown mushrooms, fennel and blueberries anyone?

Since I roasted vegetables with a Moroccan rub last night let’s get inspired by Moroccan kitchen elements….

Desire to Inspire

House to Home

Kitchen Clarity


  • There are some many colour and combination’s to choose from but you will find many of the base patterns are heavy in a blue and white- see the patterns I have included below for inspiration from other palettes.
  • These splash back do not need to be very high- the patterns are intense so you can keep them at a low height to create the impact without looking themed.
  • Continue to select your kitchen elements as you like- this look will go with beachy, traditional, classic or modern so if you want a new kitchen but cannot afford one go for new splash backs!
  • The last picture is a kitchen but I think this shows how it could work easily inside a cupboard or a butler pantry to add an element of surprise!
  • I would avoid decorative trims across the top- you will already have enough going on and the trims might look a bit bath house!

More tiles for you…..cause I love you all ;0

December 15, 2010

Styling Idea # 87 Tiles with Style


When you are in style land you meet lots of people and lots of people doing amazing things. I am always mega jealous and impressed when I meet peeps who are young guns. (Where did all the Under-Aged Over Achievers come from?). Surely these people need to go overseas and get drunk for a year, loose their identity, their heart, their perspective, their favourite jackets and find it all just in time to be on the right side of 30? No? Just me? Ok.

One of these clever peoples is the lovely Renee Anne- check out this clever illustrator/ stylist/business owner/tweeter/blogger/partner of Finders Keepers here. It is because of her that found this awesome kit for Pom Poms – remember when i did the post for the nursery Styling Idea #54? Yep – now you can buy a kit!

What does this have to do with my styling idea??? Not a thing.


  • Obviously I am not advocating building a cafe size bar in your house but I am saying that having a little think about the tiles in your space can make a HUGE difference!
  • This floor is simply magnificent and should be used in an entrance, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living area or any other space that you desire- I love them.
  • Follow this up with my favourite white tile effect of the moment- brick patterned rectangle tiles with dark grout! mmmmm
  • Insert mirrors, indoor plants, cool stools (covered in vinyl for effect), glass shelves, bentwood chairs and a beer tap and you would have my idea of a heaven.