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January 24, 2012

Styling Idea #353 Belted Magazines


Sometimes I see something for the first time. It is rare…but always a delight if it is clever.

Case in point….belting a pile a magazines! What do you think?

November 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 314 Themed Wallpaper


Last night I enjoyed a little wine and little dinner and a little chat with new lovely friends. We checked out 10 Williams St in Paddington. I would recommend for the food and wine but really you could skip the interiors. Amazing how little a place needs to do to get you impressed these days (oh, dear is that two bar rants in the same week? It must be summer so I am getting out more!) I hope that at some stage whilst writing these 1001 ideas I am traveling and can bring you some inspired bars from the likes of Helsinki, New York or Paris….keep your fingers crossed for me.

However, from the comfort of my Newtown terrace here is a nifty wall paper print – wish I could tell you where it is from…..anyone know??? This looks perfectly weekend inspired for me also.

One Hour

December 17, 2010

Styling Idea # 89 Benchseat Entrance


Arrrhhh it’s the weekend (nearly) and what happens at the weekend? Well one of two things that involve the entrance of your home.

1) You either arrive home and dump your worries from the week at your front door and put your feet up.

2) You pack yourself a bag of goodies turn on the alarm and head out and about to see the world- either way it starts or finishes in your entrance- so make it pretty.


  • IMPORTANT! Making an impact in this small space is simple – you don’t have to over think it- just make sure you don’t neglect it all together!
  • I love the use of a smart stripe and a floral print to add some personality – if the fabric on the bench seat turns old in years to come you will still love the stripes and can update quickly and easily.
  • One of the best ways to use this idea is if you enter your home into a wide open plan space – creating an entrance area will provide a sense of breaks in the space and allocated areas for each activity.
  • Help keep this clutter free with a hat stand, coat rack or some clever storage boxes- its inevitable that you will place things in this spot so give them a designated home.
  • This bench seat doesn’t have to be very wide so you have a narrow tricky space this will work well.
  • If you are short on storage consider adding some boxes under the bench or use a covered shoe box in the same way.
  • If you don’t want to introduce a patterned seat (which is exactly why I love this shoot- but horses for courses) try a lovely long rustic wooden bench.
  • For those regular readers this is a similar idea as Styling Idea # 11 Shoe Seat – but easier to do today and change tomorrow!

Happy weekend 😉 I hope something wonderful happens

November 23, 2010

Styling Idea #71 A touch of Orange


I think orange is such an underrated colour for styling. I love it in all it’s guises- from strong citrus tangerine to primary orange to softer peaches and yet you see so little of it used. I guess people are not sure how to bring it into the space, how to introduce it without it taking over or how to use it without it screaming 70’s!!. These shots are great examples of it done correctly.

Coco and Kelley

Living Etc


  • Although I really want to re-style the top photo I do love the orange sideboard and the idea of the fabric on the chair- pick one strong piece of furniture in a block orange colour and break it up with a printed white and orange piece nearby- easy.
  • I was going to make a rule that orange should be in white rooms but I love the second picture and the dreamy cream and dusty blue palette seems to be working a treat. Ottomans in a bright colour are an excellent idea for adding an unrelated but harmonious colour to your room. Skip the tufting if you want a cleaner look.
  • Yes, feature walls are dated, but not all feature walls are painted the colour of Sherbet Lollies- if they were they would still be totally acceptable (however I suspect the full room is in the colour).
  • Ideas for pieces of furniture you could paint in a great orange – drink trolleys, tallboys, side tables, bentwood chairs, blanket boxes, stools or kids desks.
  • If you want a smaller touch of orange think of cushions, clocks, piping on upholstery (pretty!!) photo frames, throw rugs, jugs, vases, serving trays on coffee tables, penguin book spines.
  • Yes, orange is a huge retro colour so you will find plenty of second hand vintage pieces to add a splash until you get used to the hue.

Did anyone hear Lucy on Triple J yesterday- what a clever little lady! Congrats on launching such an exciting calendar- still loving your blog! (The Design Files)

November 18, 2010

Styling Idea # 68 Wallpaper Above Picture Rail


Yesterday I went shopping at Bunnings to get a rod for my bathroom window to hang some curtains. I wanted an adjustable rod that works by using a spring to push the ends away from each other and therefore doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. They didn’t have it. Renting and Bunnings suck. And while I am having rant- when did storage solutions become soooo expensive? Obviously the world has too much stuff and the retailers have worked out that we will pay through the roof for a boring box to put it in.

There you go…I have said my piece, back to the post and the reason I started talking about the curtain rod..

I really want some prints in my life to make things look a bit more Sara style and unique. I love the idea of using wallpaper high like this…

Apartment Therapy

Bear Hill Interiors


  • Use the colours above the picture rail in the room below to marry them altogether.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a strong print or a busy pattern – you are seeing only a small area of it and it is above eye level.
  • Keep the room below clean and fresh with a great base of white or other neutrals.
  • This bathroom and entrance work well but I would love to see it add drama to a small dining room- smart!
  • Don’t forget about the ceiling- it can be wallpapered too!
  • Think about ways to light this area so that you can see the pattern at night also.

PS if you are clever you would have noticed two extra styling ideas that are great in these photos- First is the box around the bathroom mirror (quirky plus extra storage) and the second is the desk in the hallway (excellent place to store all the admin of life!)

October 12, 2010

Styling Idea # 44 Wallpaper Bedroom


Last night I spent the night at a my aunties house (only 5 years older so big sister style really) and had the chance to play stylist with her space. No one ever has accumulated more trinkets and boxes and jewellery and scarfs and books and pretty little pieces ever! It was like styling after spending five days prepping and I still don’t think that you could replace the life time of special pieces (those of you who know who I am talking about can vouch for this). Really if we needed a stack of ivory bangles we had them, a wooden box- no problem, a pin cushion with brooches- which one would you like?

It got me thinking about how much I don’t collect trinkets- to play stylist in my room you have books and maybe a cushion. VERY clean. I was jealous! Why don’t I have all this stuff?? But bascially you are a stuff person or not, you are an accessories person or not. I don’t think two fashion rings (under $20) count as a jewellery box and I certainly cannot style with them.

One way I would inject instant feminine appeal and prettiness is a strong floral wallpaper.


One Hour



  • As I am a minimal accessory person this is the equivalent of the pretty floral dress – you really only need a cute pair of shoes to pull this together- or a cute lamp in this case.
  • Use the colours of the paper to dictate the colours of space- this is your main colour area so pay attention to where the repeat will occur in the room. Will you notice more grey accessories if you have a grey print- yes, so make those accessories gorgeous.
  • If you are not into adornment this is an easy way to inject pattern and interest into the space- you can easily continue to live with your clean lines, plain bed linen, strong masculine shapes, and clutter free side tables. In fact I recommend you do so.
  • Keep your accessories stash organised- yes- you can still have pieces out but the piled on look will be over the top with such large strong prints- be a little more discreet.
  • Don’t be afraid to play up on the combination- I love how the last picture uses dark prints and floors and white furniture, the reverse would be amazing too.
  • If you are little spooked about using it all other the room- remember the feature wall behind your bed you will not see as you lay in your bed and therefore it will not seem as busy when you are trying to get some peace and quiet.
  • Flowers will still go- flowers go anywhere any time.


September 7, 2010

Styling Idea # 19 Long Skinny Table (with Artwork)


For this post I was inspired by yesterday’s post. I said rectangle tables bad, square table good right? Well then I found this image filed away in my huge “things to blog about folder (no source attached sorry- I wasn’t saving at the beginning because it was for my own reference and to find these images again is torturous. If it is your image 1- let’s be friends, 2- let me know). This is the perfect image to post today because it contradicts what I said yesterday, so it keeps you guessing and it combines my before mentioned post of Large Floral Artwork. More over I think it is totally gorgeous and everyone needs gorgeous on Tuesday don’t they!

No Source Sorry



  • So, square table not your thing or you have a longer space like above than my advice is to go long – the longer the better in this case.
  • DO mix and match the chairs so it feels less like a wedding table and more like a cafe vibe.
  • DO look for incredible wood that is just made to be on display.
  • DO keep the table decorating minimal like before but if you have guest feel free to style this up like crazy. I would use different place-mats with this table in retro inspired prints and three vases of different blooms.
  • DO hang a pendent light, but this time try 2 or 3 in different styles over the length of the table.
  • DO play up the proportions- this works because the artwork balances out the length of the table – smaller artwork placed along the wall would be too predictable and only serve to make the table look too skinny. Note how this piece starts at the floor- remember that.
  • DON’T worry if you do not have a space this long with a skylight overhead- you can always buy a new house, or a square table.

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August 30, 2010

Styling Idea #13 Wallpapered Columns

Good morning from foggy Wagga Wagga- it is so cold in this place. I’m home to pick up some final bits and pieces to set up my room in my new house- how exciting. I will really have to restrain myself from buying out the local second hand stores- I have 3 x 3.2 metres to decorate and I fear I will not fit in all the  couches, tables, hammocks, sideboards, chairs and daybeds I would probably see potential in.


Driving home yesterday I had so many “car thoughts” and new ideas but I cannot find images for them at the moment- bugger. I was however talking to friend of mine who is renovating and she is going to wallpaper her toilet- excellent. I will talk often about the beauty of wallpaper on this blog- although I am aware of “trend” factor I think it is important to do one of two things- wallpaper the whole room or think creatively about “areas” you can wallpaper- no plain feature walls here please.

Source unknown- sorry

Source Unknown Sorry


  • Such a nifty idea for those afraid of pattern- here you can add colour without feeling like you have step inside a wallpapered set of Where the Wild Things Grow.
  • Do look for ways you can add columns where none exist – the second image creates a structural feature by highlighting alone.
  • Do think about what look you want to achieve and buy wallpaper accordingly- the print will speak volumes about your style.
  • Some suggestions for wallpaper would be stripes for French Provincial or beachy, large florals for retro, small florals for feminine, reflective paper with abstract patterns for quirky glam, textured linen look paper for classic.
  • Do try this idea if you have high ceilings it will give an excellent sense of space and an illusion of further height.
  • Do think about playing with the pattern- sitting an upholstered chair in front of the column in a contrast fabric or one colour from the print would really pop.
  • Don’t try to create columns in the middle of the wall – there needs to be some definition between paper starting and stopping- either the end of the wall, a window, a door or decorative wall stripes (ie plastered panels)
  • Think about this idea in unique rooms for example create pillars in an entrance or a bathroom for high glam.
  • If you are renovating to sell this is a good tip to add personality without it being too daunting- chances are buyers will be impressed not turned off- it is after all easy to remove.
  • Remember that you will only ever see a small amount of this print- this means keep your repeat in mind, the size of pattern and negative space. There is no point having a beautiful print if it is too spread out or it the impact really needs to be seen across a wide panel.
  • Steer clear of novelty single paneled prints- ie wallpaper designs that are naturally long and skinny and have no repeat, generally these contain all the pattern and print in one panel. I think these will date and a traditional wallpaper will look better over time.

So sorry that i cannot find the source for these two lovely images- if you know the author, photographer or designer please let me know so I can credit accordingly and thank them.