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April 4, 2011

Styling Idea # 156 Wooden Kitchens


Arrhh- the older I get the more traditional I become and the more I want to live in the country. A weekend sharing food and sitting on the porch sipping tea is surely enough to make you want to throw in the city life and move somewhere greener- especially on a Monday morning.

These kitchens are made for sharing…

Living Etc

November 8, 2010

Styling Idea # 61 Wood and Steel Kitchen


I had the absolute pleasure of seeing a perfect apartment on the weekend. I was lucky enough to be invited for a drink and was treated to a delicious dinner in this special place. What made it the perfect apartment? Well, it was packed full with amazing styling ideas (there will be a post on these once we sync cameras and diaries – you should be excited) but it was also a real home. Expensive pieces, eBay pieces, art, travel momentos, music, food and don’t even get me started on the location. So jealous.

Anyway it really got me thinking what would my ultimate style be like if I had a place of my own and the income to make it happen. You are always making compromises either as a renter, for a partner, a flatmate or you are “kidding yourself that it doesn’t look like it is from ikea” ….one day I look forward to having carte blanch on a place chockers with personality.

I think I would like this kitchen (PS this is a big call- picking one kitchen and saying this the one! It will be interesting to see if I still love this when I have the money to do it!)


  • I love the use of rustic wooden beams and benches with the amazing stainless steel fridge.
  • I also love that the people sitting at the table are right there and ready to be served to – it looks nice and intimate.
October 5, 2010

Styling Idea # 39 No Kitchen Shelves


I’m a huge fan of food. I am also a huge fan of sharing food and preparing food. But the truth be known I am not such a great cook and a very very rarely have time to cook at home. On an average week I would cook or eat dinner at home maybe 3 times- especially over longs weekends or in summer- there is too much to do and I always seem to be out and about. Whilst the kitchen is a true hub and I don’t ever want to limit my kitchen to “one cupboard and chopping board” I do think I could do away with the overhead, over cluttered and overbearing shelves. Check this out….

Living Etc


  • This kitchen doesn’t have to be at the expense of all your kitchen gadgets- just be clever about where you store things and be tidy and organised.
  • Use a sideboard near your dining area that can hold your entertaining things- fancy dinner plates, platters, glasses etc
  • Keep it clean- very clean on top without clutter or mess.
  • Select appliances that blend into the colour scheme so you can take away that “kitchen” feeling.
  • The spare walls can now become amazing places for artwork, wallpaper, a splash of colour, quirky clocks, windows, photos- keep it un-kitchen like to add the element of surprise.