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March 2, 2012

Styling Idea # 379 Yellow Stove and Matching Artwork!


It would be fair to say that I move around a bit.

Careers, houses, cities, wardrobes, hairstyles, diets – yep I change these things more often than the lint in my clothes dryer (or I would if I owned one). You see, since I have been posting FURNNISH (18 months now) I have lived in 5 houses. Yep, I am now putting on the kettle in the fifth kitchen I have enjoyed calling home since the blogs inception. I have never understood the hype around the embracing change book by Spencer Johnson “Who Moved my Cheese?” -really other people are afraid of change?

I wonder what all this says about me? Restless, impatient, unpractical, dreamer or running away? Does anyone else live like this? “Flying by the seat of my pants” (weird saying, I know). Anyway….I have made a really important move that will hopefully but an end to this silliness and this unprofitable way of living. Long ago I said I would move back to Melbourne when I felt ready to settle down. I think you know the feeling? It is more about stillness and comfort for me than babies and glory boxes. It is about feeling at home and happy doing the day to day things. It is not needing my GPS, it is owning flour until weasels move in, it is growing a garden the next season. And it is, of course, getting to the point where you are RE-decorating a room…not simply decorating for the first time.

So….that being said Melbourne is it! Unless anyone has offers going in New York or Paris! I could pack overnight!

I couldn’t help but share this sunny sunny way to style with yellow for a Friday! Take one large yellow statement piece and repeat with beautiful yellow painting. If you cannot deal with a yellow stove think about a yellow kitchen table, drinks trolley, butchers block, bentwood chairs or tufted yellow armchair!

Happy friday y’all!

January 20, 2011

Styling Idea #104 Coloured Crockery


Reading a post yesterday in my daily tour of the blogs I was stopped in my tracks and reminded of the Brisbane floods. Seriously, with so much media coverage is hard to imagine that I had forgotten, and I hadn’t, but what is incredible about the human psychology is that we are very good at forgetting things that don’t directly impact our lives- we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. It’s the law of the jungle.

The blog was “Absolutely Beautiful Things” by award winning, Brisbane based interior designer Anna Spiro. Anna wasn’t in flood effected areas but she is now facing a flood effected economy. Years of hard work, excellent design, amazing inspirational posts and images are now tethering on edge as Anna and the rest of the city ask the big questions and search for the big answers. Owning a business in home “aesthetics” and/or design may prove difficult at first in a city of the homeless but we must remember there is always a place for beauty. Brisbane residents will stick together, beautiful things will still be bought and excellent design will still be required because, in the absolute best way, we are selfish and self centered and get on with our day. Please visit Anna’s blog and leave a comment to show your support.

Living Etc


  • This is a very simple styling idea but worth noting- if you have any display space in your kitchen (and come to think of it mine is filled with Vita Brits and milo- yuck) you should think about how you can display this neatly with a pop of colour.
  • Everyone loves a white dinner set and most of us will have one but by selecting an ascent colour you can bring your kitchen to life.
  • You don’t need a whole other setting you just need some pops of colour in the same hue- pinks, yellow, grey, black, navy and red will all work well in a small space.
  • Other things that would work well on the coloured shelve are vases, cook book stands, salt and pepper grinders, a cute coloured kitchen radio…..let your imagination play up a bit here!
  • Layer your pieces, stack colour together, group colour together and if you want to add a second colour follow this rule with each.
  • Repeat with a kettle, some flowers, kitchen curtains, a tea towel or a coloured seat (like yesterday) for a layered impact!

mmmm I may have just inspired myself to pack away the cereal!

December 1, 2010

Styling Idea # 77 Dark and Sunny Palettes


I could say that the weather is my inspiration for this post – dark and sunny days- kinda what it feels like at the moment.

Well, I want to get a palettes section going on these styling idea becuase so many of the good ones are about interesting ways to use colour. These images made me say “wow”- a unique happening really.


  • Aren’t these lovely? I love the use of popping yellow and citrus lime on a palette of gloomy greys and warm teaks! It’s like having a lime tart with a cup of coffee.
  • Keep the brights suitable and place discreetly around the room. Repeat with fresh floral arrangements.
  • Keep the lighting soft and warm- lamps and pendents with low wattage and high impact.

Visit the beautiful and inspirational website at for more.

October 16, 2010

Weekend Updates and the Most Amazing Book Ever

Here is this weekend update Styling Idea # 10 Grey and Yellow – go back and check out the new images in one of my favourite colour combination’s of the moment!

PS I hope you are reading this from your weekend cubby house!

Since we are building cubby houses I should mention the ULTIMATE cubby was pulled together when my sister and her illustrator created the walk through version of her new childrens book in Melbourne – The Most Amazing Book Ever. I had promised some time ago to post on this but my photographs did not do it justice- this is much better- watch this video

Now, before you get too inspired and run off thinking you can write a book too I encourage you log and BUY ONE HERE you will soon see that you are not really author material and can go back to enjoying your cushions and fish and chips.

Please let me know what you think cause I super proud of my little sis and would love to help her sell some more of these AMAZING books 🙂

Here’s something pretty

August 25, 2010

Styling Idea #10 Grey and Yellow

Hi guys

Welcome to the double digits of FURNNISH- wow I have to get to triple and quadruple digits before it is all done- I have a way to go!


Well I am off to work with Real Living Magazine today so pretty excited – when I think of Real Living I think colour and bright and pretty playful so today I present you YELLOW – make friends with it I say. Here is grey and yellow (I warn you this is not the end of my tips with yellow- there is a large pile of images in my yellow folder- watch this space!)


Design Sponge



Living Etc

They R Tumbler

Source Unknown Sorry



  • Yum- grey and yellow- what a match. Just do it.
  • If you are in love with the Eiffel Tower retro chairs in the middle image (how can you not love these) check out SURROUND in Melbourne – one of my favourite stores!
  • All greys and yellow look great from dark murky grey with pastel, to elephants breath with sunshine, mist with fluro, concrete with mustard – you will find a combination that suits you.
  • For a fool proof way paint the walls grey and add accent colours like the top image- easy.
  • This look will apply to retro interiors (look for mustards), quirky glam (gold, lemon), & feminine (butter, sunshine)

Also I am looking to find the perfect image for my header- I am not sure about this one – let me know your thoughts?