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January 12, 2011

Styling Idea # 99 Retro Lounge in Kids Room


I am so excited to have recently received a baby shower invitation from one of my readers! (This reader is an old friend not a stalker) How exciting- it seems I will be welcoming so many babies in the next three months from my wonderful girlfriends. So as I pin up the invitation I will make my last post in the double digits (EVER) on a nursery idea.

From Scandinavia With Love


  • Okay so everyone loves an upholstered retro chair but where does their petite size actually look any good in our era of oversized/overstuffed lounges and modulars? Somewhere else where little things are in perfect proportion- a kids room or nursery.
  • Pick a colour that pops and creates an impact in the room or be bold and select a junior print- you can always have it reupholstered for the hall when they grow older – or pass it on as a perfect family heirloom.
  • In Sydney Gamla Lan in Danks St Waterloo can help you by sourcing the authentic Swedish Malmsten sofa’s like this one and they can arrange for upholstery for you!
  • If you do not have the space for a lounge the single seats are to die for!!
  • If you remember the Vogue Living Cover (see image below by Lisa Cohen) with Stephanie Conley’s amazing chairs from Gamla Lan (upholstered in Christopher Farr Fabric) you will know why I have coveted these chairs for so long and to now connect the idea to a nursery makes them so much more versatile and opens up so many fabric options.

Vogue Living Photography Lisa Cohen

November 4, 2010

Styling Idea # 59 Pom Poms in Kids Bedrooms


I have started to receive a few requests for spaces or ideas for spaces. I haven’t forgotten about these request so I thought I better get started on delivering some images around these requests. My very talented and wonderful friend in NY is expecting her first baby and has requested some nursery looks. This is the same talented and wonderful friend who is about to take over the world with her amazing new baby products under her company Elks and Angels– talk about being busy! If you have a moment or are looking for a something special for your baby or as a present I urge to check out the site- these products are about to be the item that every celebrity is ordering so you should be quick I say.

Design to Inspire

House of Turquoise


  • Don’t you just love how these can add so much colour to a clean space? Pick any colour and repeat like crazy or develop a colour scheme- I love the peachy pinks above.
  • If you want to keep the space clean and crisp white pom poms would look amazing too.
  • Okay- so you are thinking nice idea Sara but where would I find these? I happen to know that they are super easy to make and you can select different papers and create your own pom poms by checking out Martha Stewarts website here. (PS did you know over 2 million people follow her on Twitter?)
  • These are a great idea for a nursery but you could use them in a kids bedroom too.

There are plenty more ideas on Kids Bedrooms to come so I have developed a category for them so you can search through later as I update.