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December 15, 2011

Styling Idea # 328 Door Bookcase


Oh, wow. I am a sucker for bookcases and decorative plaster work. Imagine my delight when I found it wrapped up in Tiffany blue……..welcome to the entrance to my future kitchen, living room, office or library. Or, maybe this is the door to the guest bathroom- inviting them to select something to read before entering the heavenly space.

It is all a little bit too perfect really!

Ship and Anchor

October 5, 2011

Styling Idea # 288 Dark Floorboards in Bathroom


When I came across this image it took me a moment to work out what was different? Why did it work and why does it look fresh compared to other bathrooms? Apparently we always have white or light or checked floors in the bathroom. I love the idea of a deep Black Japan floor as a base for a modern space. The timeless claw bath and cornices keep this room classic and the touch of mint green can easily be painted over to keep the colours fresh as this palette dates. If you are renovating think about how much the bathroom needs to look like a bathroom as opposed to function like one!

September 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 271 Books displayed pages side (not spine)


It is raining in Sydney this morning and for me that means the sound of rain on the tin roof out my window! I love love that sound and wish I could stay in bed to enjoy. On another random note (that is possibly relevant for this blog) has anyone seen the show 20 something? I watched it last night and it is such a real depiction of that demographic (yes, I am out of the group……just). The reason that I mention it here is because they are struggling to comes to terms with share houses- I love my flatmate and our awesome house and yet it baffles me that I am still renting and living with friends. When does the money start coming???

Anyway…today I want to celebrate books and share a nifty idea of turning all the busy spines away and displaying the pages facing out. Minimal colour maximum texture and whole lot easier to colour match.

Happy reading this weekend (I am secretly hoping the rain stays)



  • Great for when you haven’t got new beautiful spines
  • Great for busy rooms that don’t need any additional colour (like above)
  • Great for tonal rooms with earthy rustic colours
  • I love the idea of filling the fireplace if is old and ugly (and you are renting!)
  • Don’t miss the clever use of round mirrors in this shot! I posted this idea back at 195 – check it out
June 1, 2011

Styling Idea # 202 Cupboard Above Toilet


I am moving! I am so excited to be gaining a courtyard, a front garden and gate, a dishwasher, a BATH, an attic style bedroom with ensuite and a dining table! Yeah! You are all invited over for dinner – seriously.

I had a dream last night that the ensuite was a pokey little old room (haven’t actually seen it) but found this so if it is small I hope it looks like this. Such a good use of space.

PS does anyone know good second hand furniture places in Sydney- all this amazing furniture people buy must be on sold somewhere! I love Home Furniture on Consignment– does anyone have any other ideas?

Four Walls and a Roof

November 18, 2010

Styling Idea # 68 Wallpaper Above Picture Rail


Yesterday I went shopping at Bunnings to get a rod for my bathroom window to hang some curtains. I wanted an adjustable rod that works by using a spring to push the ends away from each other and therefore doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. They didn’t have it. Renting and Bunnings suck. And while I am having rant- when did storage solutions become soooo expensive? Obviously the world has too much stuff and the retailers have worked out that we will pay through the roof for a boring box to put it in.

There you go…I have said my piece, back to the post and the reason I started talking about the curtain rod..

I really want some prints in my life to make things look a bit more Sara style and unique. I love the idea of using wallpaper high like this…

Apartment Therapy

Bear Hill Interiors


  • Use the colours above the picture rail in the room below to marry them altogether.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a strong print or a busy pattern – you are seeing only a small area of it and it is above eye level.
  • Keep the room below clean and fresh with a great base of white or other neutrals.
  • This bathroom and entrance work well but I would love to see it add drama to a small dining room- smart!
  • Don’t forget about the ceiling- it can be wallpapered too!
  • Think about ways to light this area so that you can see the pattern at night also.

PS if you are clever you would have noticed two extra styling ideas that are great in these photos- First is the box around the bathroom mirror (quirky plus extra storage) and the second is the desk in the hallway (excellent place to store all the admin of life!)

October 11, 2010

Styling idea # 43 Mint Green


This morning I am off to present my plans for an executive office space in city. I am so lucky to get to work on this incredible space- it is a heritage listed building with amazing architectural featuresI am very excited to see it all come together. I have decided to ditch the grey wall idea- too gloomy- I think with such traditional features I am looking at warmer colours. One of the key colours in the branding is a mint green that I think will give it a contemporary feel, a branding presence, and a dash of freshness. Green also can represent good luck, tranquility, calmness and has stress relieving properties. Great colour for an executive coaching company- but I will use it sparingly.


Pal and Smith



House of Turquiose



Source Unknown Sorry



  • This colour can be surprisingly grown up and sophisticated- mix with dark wood and clean whites to make it look strong.
  • This is colour that works wonderfully as a texture- plush fabrics, silk rugs, soft furnishings, upholstery or anything with touch-ability factor (not sure if that is a word but a hyphen will let me get away with it!)
  • Stay away from too many other bright colours if you are trying to make this colour look strong and bold.
  • Add in other pastels- lemon, baby blue and pinks if you trying to soften the colour up.
  • DO use shades of mint green and other soft green layered together.
  • DO use gold and brass finishes to make it sophisticated- silver and chrome are best for cooler contemporary spaces.

I’m off to present soon- wish me luck 🙂