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April 12, 2012

Styling Idea # 404 Painted Window Frame


Did you like Styling Idea #373 – Painted Doorway but just don’t have the perfect space to pull it off? That’s ok why don’t you try Styling Idea #404- Painted Window frame! Wow I sound like I can throw in a second offer here with this cheesy tone….what about another image of a painted doorway just to show you again?

Remember to match it back to something else in the room so we get that lovely harmony effect…..try the window and doors like image 1 or the light shade as shown below in image 2!

Happy painting day!

February 14, 2012

Styling Idea # 367 Rich Tuesdays – A Moroccan Tour


Ok, it is no real surprise that Sara Chamberlain (me) wants to be a) rich and b) the queen of Morocco. We have been through both of these concepts many times before on FURNNISH and you, dear reader are always sympathetic to my fantasies (although, it would have been nice for someone to point out that I was using up two wishes when in fact the Queen  of Morocco is probably rich anyway…..oh well).

So, here on my return to Rich Tuesday’s I will give you a quick tour around my palace. (I am just being silly, but isn’t that what blogs are for??)

PS Thanks for reading my peeps!

PPS If your images are not lining up I am sorry, can’t work that out….won’t need to worry too much when I am the Queen I guess…others around to help with such tasks.

Richard Powers via Fabrik of Life

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December 15, 2011

Styling Idea # 328 Door Bookcase


Oh, wow. I am a sucker for bookcases and decorative plaster work. Imagine my delight when I found it wrapped up in Tiffany blue……..welcome to the entrance to my future kitchen, living room, office or library. Or, maybe this is the door to the guest bathroom- inviting them to select something to read before entering the heavenly space.

It is all a little bit too perfect really!

Ship and Anchor

January 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 102 Ensuite Doors


Has anyone seen Burlesque? Let me tell you firstly, that I am a card carrying member of the “I Hate Musicals Club”. Worst offenders, according to our club are The Sound of Music & Moulin Rouge. I could vomit. I have a huge issue with people signing a line when they should really be talking. And I cannot stand signing whilst kicking, whilst twirling an umbrella, whilst kissing the leading man, whilst being suspended above a live audience. SHUT UP!!!

So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I simply loved this movie. It has everything to do with the talent of Christina Aguilera and the incredible looks of Cam Gigadet (Totally 1990s boy band- I’m sorry, can we still be friends?)

Anyway- we all should be creating en suites with doors like this as a result.


  • If you are updating to a new en suite this year dont forget about the doors. They need not be a standard boring door- glass doors, paneling, beveled glass or smokey mirrors.
  • Search op shops or junk yards and see if you can find the perfect parir. If you do not have the space for 2 one outstanding door on its own will create an entrance.
  • Claw bath optional but recommended.
  • PS- I just noticed the candle sticks in the image (re: yesterdays 2011 predictions- really had not seen these before!!)
September 16, 2010

Styling Idea # 27 Mirrored Cupboards


Yesterday I was working again with a talented and inspiring stylist (this time for belle)- phew there are so many doing great things. The role primarily of the stylists is to do age old things in a new way. It’s not hard to put a chair at a table, but which chair, which table and the angle of the chair are only about 50% of what goes through their mind in getting the best shot.

One thing that I am very passionate about is stalled styling ideas!! Passionately hate that is. Some ideas are so far beyond exhausted that it is exhausting. One of these clever little ideas is sliding mirrored doors in bedrooms. I absolutely guarantee that these did not exist once upon a time and yet now they are our only option! Ever thought about making them better, or different?

Black Panels

Dark Glass


  • DO think about panels on the mirror that suits your interior style.
  • DO think about creating width with horizontal panels or height with vertical.
  • DO think about the colour of the mirror- dark glass is better in a bedroom for a softer light.
  • DO take these right up to the ceiling to maximize light reflection.
  • DO match the style to your bedroom window this will create an amazing sense of light and space.
  • DO think about using this idea is other rooms- a small pokey study would work well.
  • DO think about using these doors in different ways- sliding is one option for a paneled mirrored door but what about your other single hinged doors? Linen press, laundry, library.
  • DO think about double hinged doors opening into a formal space such a dining room.
  • DO think about different colours for the panels- above is white and black but these could add colour and interest in different colours- navy, grey, red, gold, evergreen – whatever you like!
  • DON’T use boring sliding mirror cupboards again- EVER.