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April 11, 2012

Styling Idea # 403 Red Trim Linen


I had the most amazing planning and designing day yesterday, come midnight was still totally immersed in ideas and visions. Strange things happen at night and you either love the ideas when you wake up or you are left wondering if someone laced your tea with brandy? This morning I am in the former catergory! Yippppeeee- does anyone ever have this happen?

I am obessing over some red trimmed linen at the moment? In fact I am going to find out where we can all get some and come back to you!

Have a super Wednesday xx

March 20, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 391 Bold Upholstery Prints


Good morning! I’m loving how this bright artwork inspired print pops against the dark grey. What fabric would you choose for a statement piece?? Pin it and let me know!

I found this image via Simply Fabulous Chic however I cannot retrace my steps to credit anyone else for the shot or the fabric – if you know please let me know!


February 21, 2012

Styling Idea #372 Painted Mirrors- Muted Tones


I spent all day yesterday compiling a competitive review for my commercial finance application. The day was finished with a trip to my lawyer to discuss business company structures and personal liability! Phew…due diligence for business planning you could say!

Anyway…you could also say that I am a bit “paint” obsessed with Styling Ideas lately….bookcases, doors and now ….mirrors! How unoriginal of me! However, I do like simple things that make a big difference. In real life that is my styling mantra (in blogging life I often have more money, more resources and more space).

So, if you are achieving the old layered or repeating effect in a room (taking a colour and using it elsewhere in the space to connect elements) try a slick of paint around the mirror- love these muted colours. Reds, taupe, cinnamon, grey, lilac, burgundy….keep them warm.

Source: via Helana on Pinterest


  • I would love to see this anywhere the wall size will allow for the statement- entrance, outdoor entertaining, walk in robes, hallways!
  • I love the softer colours however don’t hesitate to use the idea with a bright! Even a pop of colour in a muted room would be delicious.
  • If you have a small stack of old mirrors paint all the frames the same colour and lean them together on the wall or on top of a cabinet.
  • Children’s room would benefit from primary colours that pop.
January 11, 2012

Styling Idea # 344 Rug in the Kitchen


In the land of decorating and styling the rug is akin to a magic wand. It has the powers to create invisible walls where no walls exist, it can change the mood, temperature and acoustics of a space all at once and powerfully divides or unites spaces  at your request.

An open plan kitchen living is an excellent place to turn on some of this magic!

Design Attractor

May 12, 2011

Styling Idea # 182 Red Lounges


Oh, dear. It should scream ikea catalogue


  1. They are chesterfields
  2. And red is hot
  3. And the walls are white
  4. And the windows are amazing
  5. So…it works


  • Use the accessories to create a stylish and personal feel so it doesn’t become too hotel lobby- the hanging coats and bag rack are a good example of this
  • Don’t use too many other colours in the room- no bookcases etc needed here to compete with the red
  • Bring in green, tan, black, white and charcoal – but in small amounts no big black and red artwork for example – this is an example where repeating is not going to work.
  • Don’t bring in anything that is black and white at all- that includes photography (which would normally be an ok)
  • Do use flowers to soften the effect
  • Floorboards work well and avoid any 1990’s carpet reference
  • If in doubt buy the brown chesterfield
March 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 153 – Which Shade Red?


Red is hard. If you get it wrong you will find it difficult to work why it didn’t work.

If you get it right you will find it hard to leave that room because you will be so in love!!!!


  • If you can take your computer to a paint store and get the resolution right on screen I highly suggest painting anything you see this colour (including the town)!
  • It’s not pink, or orange, or brown or rusty. It’s not too blue and it’s not MAROON! Damn it is hot
  • Always wear a sophisticated palette of neutrals, linen and light denim for maximum impact.
  • Other things that red loves- gold, brass, large floral prints, stripes and lamps.
  • Finally, the picture is not sitting on floor for no reason- this style suits ‘nonchalant/Parisian/ I forget to hang the Monet’ approach to artwork- leave it on the floor!
March 10, 2011

Styling Idea # 139 Match the Chairs to the Shades


I had a date last night- didn’t go too well. Went to a beautiful wine bar in Sydney called the Wine Library- so worth checking out for service, interior and wine (food not so much).

Thought I would share a random personal update before a random post 🙂

Black White and Yellow


  • Sometimes an actual match can work. Sometimes it is easier to blend and be a bit tricky. Here I think the match is perfect.
  • You don’t need to own a bar to own three amazing pendents lights over a kitchen bench! This styling idea is totally residential friendly!
  • Just because this image is bright and cafe style doesn’t mean you need to stick to primary colours. The repeat will work with metallic, patterns, florals, wooden earthy tones- whatever you fancy.
March 2, 2011

Styling Idea # 134 Lavendar and Red


What is it about visual stimulation? How does this thing work? You look at something once and you may not even like it- it might be too fashion forward, or a re-hash of a style that you are not ready to welcome back yet. or it might just be because you are not at that stage of life yet. And then one day you see it and your heart sings, something awakens you LOVE IT!

Well, I have had a style shift. It is rather comical that it comes so close to my 30th birthday – like I have (dare I say it…..) grown up?? Oh- weird. Here is the thing. I think I am getting over vintage! OMG- all vintage readers will say. Here is how the love  affair went….

At first I was an impressionable youngster in a new city of cool called Melbourne. Melbourne will always be the most visually stimulating city in Australia and they love their vintage- colour, prints, retro cool, art deco meets swing 60’s meets roaring 20’s is all okay in one outfit in Melbourne town – they get it. This initial passion and fascination with my new lover was cemented in a city of cold nights and a wallet of $20. It made sense to clash and burn and spend as little as possible on the most coveted retro chair (because they are still exceptional design pieces and I will never deny that). Following Melbourne I went to hang out in the ultimate hipster scene – East End London. Hello Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick Lane… you want to be snapped for the cover of my new album? Yes- this is an intoxicating melting pot of impeccable style and home more original vintage than you can possibly ever get back through customs on your way home to Wagga. (sob, as I remember the outfits that got left behind).

At this point my journey takes a very unexpected twist to the Gold Coast………(insert cars tyers grinding to a halt!) It was here that I lost all motivation about style. Really, I did and it is such a shame to say. The heat, the terrible shopping, the beaches sand, the boring job, the ugly people, the terrible landscape. It was like I had been placed on the set of the settlers where survival was the only thing that mattered. Here I experimented with hair.  I went from long dark locks, to short platinum blond to fire engine “Florence” red (fringe included- before her time BTW) in attempt to stamp my individual style on a city that did not get it. My wardrobe was mainly vintage and my furniture all second hand. I lived in the most beautiful houses and locations imaginable (I’m not martyr) but really who was investing in decor or design? This is a city that covets Guess as a brand- honestly!

So- it has been a passionate and heady relationship based on inspiration or necessity. It has been instilled in me from a thrift shopping grandmother, stamped on me in my excitable early 20’s, attached to some of my favourite travel memories and formed a large part of my development as an independent women and now I want ……, glam, classics and quality.

This blog is going to be such an interesting journey and a number of years it seems so it will be fascinating to see where I go and what trends and colours inspire me in years to come. Although, I do get a sense that my true innate sense of style is about to come forward as the authority. It started last week with a classic Herringbone shirt and it will go from there. I will always love colour and art and unexpected surprises in interiors- these spaces should always have a personality. However, I think I will skip the scratchy fabric, the odor removing spray and the attention grabbing clash of prints in favor of cashmere throws, quality design and soothing palettes.

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