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August 17, 2011

Styling Idea # 253 Square Prints


I finished my photography course last night – such a sad thing for it to be over! I really want to go back and do it all over again- very inspiring, I learnt loads and was very impressed with some of the final submission images. Must. Keep. Shooting.

An idea I love is symmetrical square prints hang together of retro homes. Let me explain.

Images displayed like this….

{room} by sophie

Of photos like this….

Simple Blue Print


  • Keep your images bright, your backgrounds white and your frames light.
  • Keep the space and surrounding areas clean on the wall so these pop as a feature
  • If you cannot get to (Florida during 1984?) anytime soon look for old architecture books and cut out images to create your own story
  • Palm trees will keep the retro/beachy nod.

Enjoy your Wednesday

November 22, 2010

Styling Idea # ?? “Why be a stylist?”

INSPIRATION FOR THIS POST – PS this is not a normal post- it deviates from format…for good reason.

On Saturday night I watched A Single Man and was completely mesmerized. Following the movie (in fact during it) I spent ages working out how I could instantly change my wardrobe and house. You kinda want to chuck out everything you own, buy an amazing white shirt, drink expensive gin and use black eyeliner in areas of the eyelid that have been abandoned for decades (perhaps for good reason).

Following that I opened my  (FREE- YAY) Russh magazine. That was it. My mind went off into “creation” land of amazing and wonderful possibilities. In this land I can style with any products I want without being told no from suppliers (shame on you Living Edge) I have studios and locations and products and textiles designers and photographers and we sit around and create spaces that are so damn sexy you will feel like this or this or actually even this just by being in them. In my mind the art of fashion and the personal expression of interiors are not separate- there is no interior styling and fashion styling – there is only inspiration.

The wonderful, dense, grounding feeling of witnessing beauty.

Ladies and Gentleman I talking about images like this…

Will Davidson- used with permission from Will . Styled by Stevie Dance

This is the stuff of stylist and photographers wet dreams….this is why I am in this game and this is why I think everyone should be inspired to create a space around them that is beautiful and personal. Dress the way you want, live the way you want.

This post is not about a styling idea but about the concept of grand gestures and big dreams… passionate, be memorable and come home to an entrance that looks like this.

Apartment Dreams

Thanks to Will for letting me use the incredible shot.