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January 11, 2012

Styling Idea # 344 Rug in the Kitchen


In the land of decorating and styling the rug is akin to a magic wand. It has the powers to create invisible walls where no walls exist, it can change the mood, temperature and acoustics of a space all at once and powerfully divides or unites spaces  at your request.

An open plan kitchen living is an excellent place to turn on some of this magic!

Design Attractor

October 6, 2011

Styling Idea 289 # Zig Zags


I must say I am little disappointed. The House and Garden top 50 rooms are now online and I was so excited to check them out. However the quality and inspiration level zig zags all over the place! (What a PUN!) But seriously, I am sure these rooms are beautiful in real life however most just loose the wow factor in the photography. My mum’s house should be in the list next year because some of her rooms kick arse over these. We just need a really good photographer to capture the moment. Visit the slideshow here and let me know what you think.

House and Garden- room by Diane Berferon

Painted Furniture

Vogue Living

March 11, 2011

Styling Idea # 140 Floor Dollies


Welcome to Friday Team!

When I was at the Life In Style Expo a few weeks I was delighted to find that Armadillo were doing these amazing “floor dollies” not technical name but one I love. I have been sitting on these photos for ages wondering where I would get such a gorgeous product?

They will be available from March- click here for more details…

Emmas Blog

Living Etc

Have a great weekend everyone!

September 1, 2010

Styling Idea #15 Cowhide Rugs


Oh I love new products that have been designed by clever people! Reading Mr Jason Grants Blog I found out that the People’s Choice Awards are on now for Evolve Design awards – jump on and have your say. Patterned, printed, designed, collaborated rugs are huge at the moment so there is no excuse for boring floors- although I must say they don’t always hit the nail on head for me- too many leave me feeling kind of….perplexed?

How would this really look on my floor?? Some of rugs make me we want to shout (in a good way!)

I agree with Jason’s selection of picks but I would also add Emma Elizabeth round diamond because round rugs are unbelievable. Also because I am a huge fan of Emma’s vision and think she is an incredible stylist – if you are not already following her Design Vlog hurry up.

Anyway- back to the post about cowhide- here are my picks from around the traps!

Emmas Blog

Samantha Pynn

Living Etc


  • There is something soooo comforting about these rugs against the new flashy designer prints don’t you think?
  • Yes, they are earthy, so keep them earthy in colours and tone- leather, brown, black, neutrals, charcoals, green.
  • No, they are not country so stay away from cane, taxidermy, dried floral arrangements or coffee tables that look like tree stumps.
  • Yes, they can be kitsch so think about retro references such as exposed brick, modular lounges, matching ottomans (YES) swinging salon doors and chandeliers- if that’s what your into.
  • These images all show surprisingly sunny cowhide but I like it a little more dark and moody- heavy wood, burgundy leather, bookcases and record players.
  • Be aware of wear and tear- these will improve with age in my opinion but if you want perfection place them in low traffic areas.
  • Do look for different prints to suit your style – block colours work well if you like prints and artwork elsewhere, tri-colour can be an over powering print so select these wisely.
  • I love how Samantha Pynn used a clear transparent coffee table over the rug to see the full effect- top points.
  • Combine with carpet or floorboards- this idea will work with both.
  • If you like minimal interiors this will work, conversely if you want to lots of layers don’t look past a cowhide.
  • If you like animal skin to stay on the animals don’t bother with idea at all- it will just make you sad.

I would really love your thoughts on cowhide v new designer rugs craze??