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February 22, 2012

Styling Idea # 373 – Painted Door Frame


No, what, another painting idea? Yep- you know you love them. Paint is cheap, but great ideas that transform a space are priceless. Simple simple simple- what do you think people?

Source: via Tristin on Pinterest


  • Good for minimalist wanting to introduce colour in a subtle way.
  • Excellent for open plan archways (shown above) to connect palettes from room to room.
  • A smart idea for renting tenants- easy to paint over when you move out.
  • Think about this if you have doors within rooms such as ensuite and walk in robe in a main bedroom.
September 2, 2010

Styling Idea # 16 Painted Bedhead

Yay! I have moved into my new space- have to hang out at IKEA for a bit today to get my bed- if I am happy with the results of my new room I will do a post on it but at the moment you cannot even open the door.


I haven’t ever had a bedhead with a foot (not since I was a little tot) so I am thinking of investing in a cocooning bed that I can lavish with cushions. Despite what you may have inferred from my posts so far I am not a girly girly but I do think that a bed should be inviting and a haven and cushions (not too many) can create a great spot to sit when the bed is made up during the day- like this image.

Tristan Anauer

Being in a rental I cannot exactly do this idea but what a great way to create an impact around a bed – a painted bedhead isn’t totally radical BUT painting around the corner is much more exciting. This way you can create a day bed and scatter a mismatch of cushions along your illusionary booth.


  • Think about creating a tonal impact be keeping the wall colour and the bedding in the same family – grey blue is a good example but any colour that you can think of will work the same.
  • Keep the wall colour strong- this isn’t about fading into the background you want this to be a statement.
  • Consider using wallpaper or padded panels to do the same wrap idea. Padded panels should run horizontally.
  • I would go all Moroccan on this idea but please don’t do it themed- suitable references only.
  • Use a bedspread or coverlet rather than a doona that would be harder to tuck against the wall.
  • Use contrast sheets to repeat the colour between the cushions and the wall.
  • DO think about how you will provide lighting- a wall light like the above image is a great idea for this look as it keeps the area around the bed clean without the need for heavy side tables.
  • DON’T feel the need to display cushions all the way to the end of bed on each side you want to create an emphasis on the corner.

If you have bed like this a cuppa in the corner with a book is perfect on a rainy day like today.